Fuck You CESPT (No Water Stil) – Shower Curtain Improvement – Teak’s Art

Fuck you CESPT (water services) in Tijuana. This is ridiculous. You were supposed to shut the water down for a day for repairs. It’s been three days. There is absolutely no running water. Not even a drip. Not in my apartment. Not anywhere in almost all of downtown Tijuana and a few other areas. Bars are packed with people and piss is overflowing from all the toilets. And apparently, it’s not going to get fixed until Monday.

This is pretty fucked up.

I didn’t just bucket shower. I showered with a purified gallon of water. I only used half just to save some water.

This is pretty fucked up.

At least yesterday was fun.

I did nothing but play Zelda most of the day.

That game is tremendous. I still want to just go back and play the rest of the day. But it’s Saturday, and I have shit to do. Go out and drink beer for the most part.

After playing Zelda, I went out for a walk to play Pokémon Go. And of course, to see my girlfriend where I always see her after work. She said she wasn’t hungry this time. So I ate by myself at the Korean taco place before meeting her. And took over the Pokegym nearby just to get destroyed there soon after.

Oh god.

My girlfriend is crazy.

She wants to keep fixing the whole apartment though this place has no water right now and we thought about moving out because it’s an old building.

But now she wants to fix it all, and maybe we are going to stay here for a while. We are probably getting an electric shower (that sounds scary, but hey… )

HEY! BABE! I’m trying to write my blog. I can’t talk about shower curtains while I’m writing my blog.

(She’s sitting next to me browsing shower curtains on her computer…)

It’s Saturday, and we are drinking the IIIPA together already. The growler that was opened on Thursday night, we still have some of that beer. It’s a bit murky but still tasty.

And after this, we are going out to eat. Probably Télefonica Gastro Park. Maybe somewhere else. She wants tuna. I’m unsure of what I want. Seafood sounds good.

I’ll have my camera with. Because we are going to Plaza Fiesta after it. To take portrait pictures of people in the Border Crosser story. Problem is, I only got less than half the people. Sigh. We will figure it out.

Time to hang out with Andy for a while at least.

Oh. About yesterday.

We just went to drink beers at Norte. They owed me some beers for my photo work, so hey! Free beer (or well, beer I earned for my services). And we drank the heavy percentage ones. Just a couple each. Again, she beat me and finished the beers before me.

One more triple IPA before headed home. We stopped by an art gallery. His artwork is fantastic.

In fact, this blog post needs a picture. I’m going to steal a picture.

That’s on wood, not canvas. It’s 20,000 MXN. Meaning, around $1,000 USD. It’s pretty sizeable. He had other art more in my budget. Small paintings for 1,500 MXN or $75. I still can’t afford art, though.

The artist is Teak (or Teack).

He is the one that painted the mural of Migrants, in which I am a part of.


He is also my neighbor.

In fact. This building is mostly really cool people. Downtown is pretty cool. Now I kind want to stay here more.

We’re still discussing shower curtains.

My favorite is a drawing of an elephant pooping. It’s pretty awesome. Second favorite is a drawing of an octopus.

She keeps looking at more and more and more.

We don’t even have water to enjoy a shower curtain. Or hot water…

Choosing a shower curtain took a while.

It’s like choosing something on Netflix. It takes a while.

I think she finally decided for a colorful elephant. I should say “we,” because it wasn’t my first choice. I’m okay with it. I can live with it. And if she likes it. Fuck it. Colorful elephant it is. Or maybe it is not. I want food. It’s time for food.

Saturday blog was Saturday blog.

I don’t even know what that means.

I don’t even know why I blog.

I should do some real work instead. Work that pays. I say that in every single blog post.


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