No Water Smelly Tijuana – Missed my DSLR – Girlfriend Ruins her Arrival

Fucking fuck.

There’s no water in the apartment. There’s hasn’t been water since yesterday.

There is no water all over downtown.

Establishments are having water problems, especially bars. Downtown Tijuana is going to extra smelly if the fuckers over at CESPT don’t fix this soon. This is fucked up. It was supposedly going to be fixed by this morning.

I want to shower. My girlfriend wants to shower. I just want running water.

I just want running water in general….


What I wanted to do yesterday but was too hungover to do, I just did now.

An Imgur album with pictures of my little adventure.

It wasn’t that big of an adventure, so only 20 pics. But I had fun taking pictures.

I missed the shit out of my camera. And to get drunk and take pictures. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. Even though I had to flash the whole time.

I haven’t used my camera much since I got the iPhone. I even bought an iPhone app to make the camera better. It was only $3, and it lets you access manual settings for the iPhone like long exposures. If I’m going to treat it like my second body, I will treat it right. There is so much juice in an iPhone. I want a mini tripod just for it. And the extra battery.

Alas, it does not replace a DSLR.

DSLR is so good.

It’s so nice to be able to do everything so fast. I need a better lens. I need a better everything. But so far so good. I really enjoy taking pictures. Now I should find people that pay me for it. For the most part, I am giving my services in exchange for beer and food (mostly through friends). But it would be nice to get a San Diego job. Car will help.

I wasn’t very inspired to write at all. But ohhhh the word vomit is good once it starts.

My girlfriend completely fucked up her arrival.

She didn’t text me for a while. Which made me assume she got on the plane. Which made me assume she would be home on time.

I expected a text from her at any moment, but got hungry and left the apartment to go get a sandwich.

On my way back home, I get a call from a strange number. It’s an Uber driver asking where my girlfriend was? And … Uhh… I’m like… “I have no fucking idea.”

You see… because her old phone number was from Brazil and her new phone has a US number she started using my number for Uber. Though she should change her to her own number soon…

I call her up, turns out she wanted to surprise me. But fucks it all up because Uber.

She finally manages to get an Uber home… and when she gets here, she didn’t look happy at all. She was super actually stressed out. Not exactly the welcoming I had imagined….


….. she fucking left her backpack at the airport.


Up to the airport we go to get her bag. Airport drama mess and she thinks she won’t be able to get her bag until the next day. She starts freaking out. I wasn’t of any help. Or so it seemed. But after almost an hour, we managed to get her backpack back.

Backpack back.

That’s fun to say.

And… back to downtown in another Uber. To Mamut Brewery because she wanted a portobello burger. They are pretty fucking good by the way. And very cheesy. Their octopus cazuela also improved greatly. Also very cheesy.

Like this blog.

It’s fucking cheesy.

I got a growler at Mamut of their IIIPA and came back home.

Now my dopamine is back. Though she is at work right now.

And there’s no fucking water in the apartment or in downtown Tijuana.

Out for water I go hunting. Like it’s goddamn 1917 or some shit.

And yes… all I keep doing is play Zelda.

I got paid okay for a job, so I’m cushy. I should work way more. And start buying things. But Zelda. It’s so fucking good.

I forgot to mention one of the main things of the game is a tablet like-gadget that Link gets at the very beginning. It makes you relate to Link in an odd way and gives the game a futuristic appeal blended with old nature. Seriously. They did a fantastic job with this game and I’m not even getting started on it. That’s all I want to do all day. Everyday.

And yes…. of course, girlfriend is not thrilled about that…. I want her to be. But that’s going to be a tough sell.

Water better be back soon. There’s shit to do this weekend. It doesn’t feel like a weekend. And it doesn’t feel like I deserve any of this. But fuck it. Might as well enjoy it.


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