Nerdy Talk Alert – Breath of the Wild – Pizza + Zelda


I actually don’t want to write too much today.

Because I want to go back to playing.

I went to bed around midnight after playing for around 5 hours. And I woke up before dawn to start playing again.


Breath of the Wild is fucking fantastic. That’s what the new Zelda is called btw…

My plans were thwarted yesterday. I was going to downtown San Diego to hang out with a friend. But solemn news made him leave his apartment. So we didn’t get to hang out.

It made me feel weird. My whole day changed, it sorta changed my week, and I didn’t know what to say.

I was going to do some shopping as well. More than anything, for that new Zelda. So instead of hanging out with my friend and doing the shopping around downtown, I just went across the border for the game.

Then I walked around and into some shops looking for new pants and shoes. I went into five stores or so still feeling weird. Tried on some shoes. Tried on some jeans. Nothing convinced me. I almost spent $100 in just some jeans and nice shoes. But decided against it. I fucking hate shopping.

I need to make more money. And I should really start driving for Uber/Lyft. Because a day like yesterday would have been perfect to just drive around for money. Or like right now when it is slow and I have no idea what to write.

I mean… I have tons of documents that I started that I just stare blankly at.

I spend too much energy on this blog when I shouldn’t. But I can’t help it. It’s addicting and fun. And now I have too. I must write here every day. It’s fucking weird.

I got my game and walked home. There were already some beers at home. All I needed was some pizza.

And I ordered two pizzas. I ate one and a half in less than 20 minutes. I got the second, the Mexican pizza because it’s great for breakfast. And I like my goddamn fucking classic pepperoni and mushroom pizza, that’s the one I ate whole rapidly. It makes me feel like a little kid. With my new game + pizza + beer. I don’t need much else. Sorry girlfriend.

I do miss my girlfriend (she’s still in Mexico City), but I can’t imagine her liking me while I play my new game like a child.

Pictures have words written on them and are of poor quality because they were originally for Instagram stories.

Yep. I’m annoying and upload shit tons of Instagram stories. They say that’s what is killing Snapchat. Who knows. I don’t use Snapchat. But them tiny Instagram stories are sorta fun. Even if only like 22 people watch it.

Where’s the nerdy talk?

Here’s the nerdy talk.

I got that tattoo when I was 21. I wanted the Triforce since I was a little kid. It was the first tattoo I ever wanted, but my fourth tattoo total. I have been thinking about continuing the sleeve soon. And getting more tattoos on my left leg. More tattoos in general. I miss them.

So how does Breath of the Wild fare with other Zeldas?

Shit… prepare for some nerdy talk.

I was actually disappointed… the first time I played Twilight Princess. It was a fun game. But not my favorite Zelda at all. And yep. I’m aware that my tattoo is from that game and not the original Triforce.

Breath of the Wild has some hints of Twilight Princess, but not much. The mechanical dark parts look like from Twilight Princess but it’s a small component of the game so far.

But nay!

Breath of the Wild or BotW… are they calling it that?!

I’m going to say that BotW is fucking fantastic. A complete 5/7 masterpiece.

It goes beyond what the usual Zelda is. It actually feels like a combination of Skyrim, Shadow of Colossus, and Otaku turned into Ocarina of Time. Except, I don’t have a musical instrument for Link right now, so who knows if music will play such a heavy role as it has before.

Speaking of music. The music is on point. It gives little hints to old classics while remaining extremely fresh to its current era. It has some minimalistic tones. It’s very soothing. The whole game experience has been top notch so far.

In fact… I dare call it the best Zelda yet.

It has just been around 5 hours of gameplay. But I can’t help it. This game intrigues me more than any game I’ve played in the past decade. It’s the Skyrim exploration feel to it. And the Shadow of Colossus mechanic. With the added prettiness of Otaku. AND it’s a FUCKING Zelda GAME! It feels endless. It probably isn’t that big. I have no idea how long I’ll be entertained by it. But it feels fantastic.

It feels endless. It probably isn’t that big. The map seems gigantic. I have no idea how long I’ll be entertained by it. But it feels fantastic and it is making me very happy.

The apartment manager is fixing my kitchen sink right now. I should check what is going on with him.

I just want him to leave so I can go back to playing Zelda.

It’s bad. My video game addiction.

But it’s all I want and I’m going to do.

I don’t feel like working. I don’t even know what to work on. But I’m sure I’ll eventually write a few things to get published. Something will come to me.

Oh god.

The kitchen sink is horrible.

There’s black shit everywhere.

It’s really bad. And apparently, the apartment manager won’t be able to fix it because it is beyond his abilities to repair and he will have to call a plumber.

It’s shit tons of black gunk with a foul smell. Like a goblin’s turd.

I sent a pay request yesterday because it was cut day. Of an article I sent in over a week ago and never heard back. No idea if I’m getting paid. If I am… then… TADA! I actually did some good work and I’ll be fine. If it doesn’t get paid, I’ll still be fine, just a tad broke. Girlfriend should be getting paid soon, so we’ll be more than alright.

It is weird not to have her next to me. I was so accustomed to her.

I feel like a drug addict in recovery. Dopamine recovery. I need my fix.

Oh yeah.

Cover story. I have to take pictures for that still. I would be more inspired to do that work if it paid me… But I guess I still have to do it. Because it already paid.

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