Zona Norte Drama This Lovely Morning – Catching Up At Nelson – USA Today

A lovely morning sun shined heavily through my large balcony windows in my cheap Tijuana apartment. Roommate is gone. Girlfriend is gone. Bisho was sunbathing and stretching happily on the foot of my bed. California weather is back. I don’t mind the cold showers again.

I opened the sliding doors to enjoy some morning sun, and I spotted some drama below. My block is blocked (lol) by yellow police tape. A big white and blue school bus (known as calafia) was surrounded by cops. Two of the cops were wearing white hazmat suits and were going under the bus with cameras. A white large pick-up truck with flashing lights and a police motorbike stopped the heavy traffic flow of Calle Segunda and deviated the cars that were constantly honking at the slow traffic.

A homeless woman got ran over by the calafia.

Right in front the hospital.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

At least it wasn’t a murder. There are tons of those going on in Tijuana right now. Especially near me. Apparently last Friday six people were shot in Zona Norte inside some apartments just three blocks from mine. Out of the six, only one survived with heavy injuries, three women and two men were dead.  No one reported the incident. It wasn’t until the following morning that the gruesome scene was found.

Yet I walk to Bar Nelson while catching Pokémon with my iPhone like it’s nothing.

Hah! I still have my Rhydon at the Zona Norte gym. Banking on them Pokecoins.

I lied. I actually only walked back from Bar Nelson. It was before 9 pm still. That’s when I took over that Zona Norte gym. Playing Pokémon Go while surrounded by misery. Nearby transexual hookers and drug addicts sleeping on the streets.

And I’m catching fucking Pokémon.

I actually ubered to Bar Nelson with my friend Paola, who I have tagged as “Princesa Wakaras” (Princess Puke). I give almost everyone shitty nicknames. Sorry almost everyone.

Paola hit me up about getting some old issues of the San Diego Reader because an old man likes reading the magazine and is basically all he does. You see, Paola works at an old folk’s home. She’s the activity director. Basically, it means she gets to entertain old people.

I have a bunch of old magazines because I collect the Reader issues like I collected all my paparazzi pics in other magazines.

But the collection started to become a burden. The magazines take too much space in the bookshelf.

So I started ripping out the pages with my articles, my picture, or my name on it.

And the idea is to make some sort of scrapbook.

But I’m not good at that shit.

So there’s just a bunch of pages crammed inside another magazine.

The point is, Paola needed magazines, I had a bunch. I just ripped some pages off and gave her a bag with 20 issues of the Reader.

I lied again. Just prepared the bag. She decided not to carry the magazines because she might get fired soon. And carrying them seemed unnecessary.

We went to Bar Nelson instead. She was wearing heels. This is why the Uber. Before Nelson, we stopped by the ATM and Æther cafe for a bagel sandwich. When we got to the bar, old racist fat man owner of the bar was there having a jolly time with some Americans. Full on party mode at 5 pm. Ahhh the stories I can tell of Bar Nelson. Or La Nueva Pachanga. Or Chips…

Paola and I drank especiales (and I  also got a caguama). And caught up on things. iPhone talk. Relationship talk. And my cheesiness. Intense cheese. Too much intense cheese.

And today.

Today I go to the US.

USA Today.

I’m still unsure what to work on. You know… for money.

I have an easy task with a due date! For money!

Due date is May 1st.

So there’s a lot of time for that.

A lot of ideas.

None of the energy, drive, or conviction to actually write them.

I’m still waiting for that cover story to come out already. It’s still in 2 more weeks. Then my mind resets, and I can work again.

I went through the profile of a GQ author (Jay Willis) who wrote an article that was on the front page of Reddit today. He writes around 3+ articles per day.

A lot of it seems to be regurgitated bullshit. Some stuff about the show The Bachelor. Other shit that he watched on TV. Some of his articles seem to just repeat what he saw on Colbert. Something about working out. And, of course, his front page article is about Trump. Or well… President Bannon.

Now I don’t if I should be writing more or writing less.

One thing is for sure. I’m going to the US right after I post this. Getting that new Zelda game. That will distract me for a long while.

I am also supposed to pick-up a bunch of stuff for my girlfriend.

I don’t want too because I’m lazy. But I’ll pick some of it up. If not all.

It’s not like San Diego is going anywhere, right?

Sometimes I forget that we live in a crazy ass world.

Push-ups. Cold shower. Breakfast. And to cross the border!








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