Blog Stats – A Requiem for my Shirts – Back to Classical Guitar

I almost completely forgot about my blog today.

I basically forgot to think about what to write. Yesterday’s sushi rant took a lot of energy. And I did that for absolutely no reason. After that, I didn’t want to work anymore. But I did. I finish the story. I edited this morning and it’s already sent.

Now I don’t know what stories are next. I’m not sure what is next in this blog….

Yesterday’s rant was a bit too much. I should focus my energy on other things. This blog is silly. Stats go up and down sporadically and randomly. Not that many views yesterday. Spikes in other places. Spikes every time I mention other people. I should have more guests so I can talk about them in my blog. People like to be mentioned…

Guitar break.

Ok. Truth is. I’m still adjusting to life.

New life.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a month. Living with her. And it’s a huge shift. She doesn’t like that all my clothes have holes :(

But life changes.

I have a cemetery f0r my favorite shirts with holes in it. My latest is going to the cemetery after I wear it today is my OK (thumbs up) shirt.

Today is the last day I wear that shirt. It has too many holes. Then it goes into the cemetery next to the rest.

Bye fat unicorn shirt.

Bye TMNT but in artist shirt.

Bye white shirt that had a drawing of a head with people falling off.

Bye 3-d shirt.

Bye all my woot shirts that I bought when I was around 22 and I still have till this day.

Bye jeans that I bought sometime last year that the back pocket is falling apart making my wallet pop out for easy pickings.

Email and talking to people break. Have to figure out pictures for the cover story.

Pizza for breakfast.

Back to emails and messages.

OOOO my license arrived.

Back to guitar.

Yeah. I want to drum. But hey. I studied classical guitar. And I haven’t played in years! I didn’t play all of 2016.

I started playing again yesterday. And I’m playing again today.

I can’t get this song out of my head.

Seeing that posted on /r/classicalguitar triggered my desire to pick up my classical. The strings are so fucking rusty. I need to change them asap.

This song is so much fun to play.

I basically memorized the first page and a half yesterday. And I can play it somewhat smoothly. It’s fun. I need so much more practicing and warm ups. My skill has gone way down. But it’s time to pick it up again.

Especially with fun Brouwer songs.

HAH. On my webpage I list my repertoire. I’m gonna strike through the ones I can’t play anymore. This is going to be sad.

Full Repertoire:


Johann S. Bach
– Minuet in G
– Prelude in D
Bourree in E Minor

Johann Pachelbel
Canon in D

Francisco Tarrega
– Capricho Arabe
– Lagrima
– Recuerdos de la Alhambra
– Estudio en E

– Romanza

Heitor Villa-Lobos
Choro no 1
– Etude 1
Preludes 1-5

Astor Piazzolla
Verano Porteño
Milonga del Angel
– Muerte del Angel

Agustin Barios Mangore
– Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios (Ultima Cancion)

Leo Brouwer
– Decameron Negro 1: El Arpa del Guerrero
– Decameron Negro 2: La Huida de Los Amantes por el Valle de los Ecos

Antonio Carlos Jobim
– The Girl from Ipanema

Roland Dyens
Tango en Skai

Abel Carlevaro
Etude #5


– Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
– Across the Universe by The Beatles
– Besame Mucho by Consuelo Velasquez
– Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head by Burt Bacharach
Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma
– Pink Panther Theme
– Mario Bros. Videogame Theme
The Legend of Zelda Videogame Theme

Well. That wasn’t horrible. And there are others that I don’t even mention. I guess at some point I went back and deleted a bunch. Because there are so many I learned and forgot. Also, some of the above would require a bit of practicing. But I can still pretty much play them. My guitar needs new strings.

Interrupted by the phone.

Usually only telemarketers call me. Now I’m answering the phone like a secretary for my girlfriend. She keeps getting job offers other places. I hate the fucking phone.

Back to guitar.

That song is so fucking awesome. It just stays in my head all day. And it’s so much fun to play.

That little snippet is wonderful. Very mathy. Though it’s in 2/4.

I just played it over and over and over. That riff and a bit more. It’s a really fun song.

I wonder how it would sound on a sax.

Wednesday. Halfway through the week. Doesn’t feel like it. I need to work. Unsure where to next. I’ll figure it out.

Going to go get my license and get the new Zelda tomorrow! That sounds like a great plan…

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