Overwhelming Dreams and Thoughts – Cover Story Soon – Top 5 Sushis in Los Angeles (2010 era)

I had way too many dreams.

Cool dreams.

Some cool nightmares.

Nightmares were silly, because I think it was a video game. I was controlling a tank that was very similar to the Star Fox Landmaster. I had to zig-zag between giant pillars that had hundreds of massive cockroaches entangled on a spider web. The idea was to pull all the cockroaches, break the web, have them fly, then the giant spider was going to appear to check on its food. The dream skipped when I sent the cockroaches flying and I was out the door… and somehow it turned itself into a zombie nightmare dream.

Zombies are usually not scary. Not in my nightmares. Because I’m always like fuck this… I can do whatever the fuck I want.

So I started flying all around.

And my style of flying in nightmares is really odd. It’s usually the same way in every flying dream. It’s not truly like flying, it’s more like mega jumping and learning how to glide/float. So it requires some strength, but you can leap over buildings and see everything. The landings are always tough as well. I guess it’s sorta like Peter Pan’s flying but in a sense more realistic? I jumped from wall to wall as if there were no gravity. Floating. Flying. And still catching fucking Pokémon on my cell phone. Because even in my fucking dreams I play PoGo.

That’s somewhat what my dreams were about. There were many others because I kept waking up and falling back asleep. Waking up next to her. It’s weird. I can’t even imagine not waking up next to her. And just to throw more cheese in this quesadilla. We sleep holding hands. Obviously not all the time. But at some parts. It’s comfortable sleep. I love sleeping next to her.

And I woke up a bit late feeling weird. Oddly depressed. She was already at work. And I just had an overwhelming number of dreams that mean nothing. That’s how I felt when I woke up. Overwhelmed (which is right now).

Also, had an email from my student loans. That my deferment is about to expire. Documents stress me. Especially when they remind me of “you a broke motherfucker.” The money I made is good compared to what I was making in the previous years. But it is still shit compared to what I made as a photographer in Los Angeles.

I keep thinking about getting a car. Drive Uber/Lyft and make cash. Especially in moments right now where I have to work on a story but it just doesn’t feel right. But I bet the down payment to lease a car is not going to be cheap.

Just found out that my roommate is half-way done through a book he is writing. I trust it will be amazing.

And here I am. Just with ideas. And a shitty blog.

Pending articles that go nowhere. Book ideas that never start. Thinking about driving to make meets end.

So yes… I woke up a bit depressed. Not sure what to do with my day. And my coffee has a slight soap taste.


At least I am already doing something with my day.

The cover story. I already got paid for it. The text is already finished (from my knowledge). It is already scheduled. But it has no pictures. So I’m trying to coordinate pictures with everyone that I interviewed. Which was a dozen + people. Sending messages everywhere. Trying to figure out the schedule. When to see people. take pictures.

And also inviting artists to Tacotopia. Okay. So I guess I’m already working. Emails, messages, emails, ideas, Pokémon….

That’s all I want to do. Play some god damn Pokémon. But I have to work.


Reddit distraction.


My girlfriend told me she was going to be late from work yesterday.

So I went out for a double IPA from Mamut and some more Pokémon. Mamut is a Pokestop btw. Nerdiness intensifies. I spent a Lure Model in that Pokestop because I thought I was going to be there for a while.

Nope. Girlfriend hit me up that she was at a sushi place with her friend Doida. Only caught a couple of Pokémon. Chugged the beer, got an Uber, and headed her way.

It has been forever since I had any sushi in Tijuana besides the kimchi gimbap from the Korean place. But gimbap and sushi are different.

Sushi in Tijuana…. in all over Mexico (and many times in California and other places) is way over complicated. They add tons of sauces and ingredients and overwhelm the basic ingredients of sushi. Because of this, I’m always disappointed in sushi places.

Oh yeah. I call it suchi sometimes.

The best suchi I ever had was in a place called Sugar Fish in Marina del Rey. Ahh. The good old times. Where I could spend $100 on suchi and beer with my roommate and I didn’t care about the bill. You see. Suchi is just fish and rice. There shouldn’t be much to it than maybe some soy sauce (Ponzu sauce is my preference). And no one in LA did suchi better than Sugar Fish. Well… at the commodity. I also had Nobu in Hollywood and it was damn great, but so damn over priced and fancy. There was another nearby I forgot, but also way over priced. Then Yoshi’s Sushi in West Hollywood. That one is fantastic. It had a lot of quirky sushis like the sushi bomb and the dragon roll. Cool stuff. And finally Sushi Mac. The one with the conveyor belt and $3 sushis. That was back in 2010 when I frequent that place (it was near the office). So there you have it. Top 5 sushis in LA from 2010. Here’s a shitty buzzfeed listicle for you:


  1. Sugar Fish. Because god damn mother fucking trust me that Sugar Fish is the bees knees and shut the fuck up about opinions differ because mine is the best opinion because this is my shitty blog. No. Seriously. If you ever want the best sushi in LA that is not overcrowded or for celebrities or what not, Sugar Fish is by far the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life. Picture courtesty of I stole it from the fucking website because that’s what Buzzfeed does.
  2. Yoshi’s Sushi. This one was a very cool place with only Japanese people. It was also very well priced. I miss this place. God. I was so young. I remember I thought I was so cool because I would say ARIGATO to the man making my suchi.
     A shitty pic of the Red Dragon from Yelp.

    The chef wondering why I say ARIGATO! like a weeaboo.
  3. Sushi Mac. FUCK MAN. I just googled it to see what the results were… and check this shit out.
    Exactly how I remember. I think the picture is from 2007 though. (2.75+tax = $3). This place was so fucking cool. You just grabbed whatever sushi you wanted. Then they counted the plates. And charged you $3 for each. The plates were tiny (usually including just a couple of rolls or nigiris). So I usually ate around 8-14 plates.

    Another shitty picture from Yelp. But SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. That’s mother fucking sushi.
  4. Nobu in Hollywood. I never went in. Fuck that shit. I was a paparazzo and that’s where celebrities went. BUT. I had leftovers plenty of times. Fuck this shit. You google Nobu and pictures of Kim Kardashian going into that place appear. Fuck. I even have some pictures outside that place. I think it was Cameron Diaz. I have no idea how to search for that shit in my harddrive. Point is. I had Nobu leftovers. And I didn’t have to pay for them. But it was pretty damn good. But apparently the restaurant treats you like shit if you are not a celebrity. So I only recommending eating the leftovers from the garbage or something. Yeah. It’s that good and stupid rich people like to throw away nice expensive food away. (I’m kidding though. I had leftovers from friends or from my brother). No picture. This place doesn’t fucking deserve it. In fact. I regret it adding it to my list. But I only had a top 3. There were other places in Venice that were very forgettable. JUST FUCKING GOING TO SUGAR FISH. Sushi Mac if still exists. If not. Then get in a time machine to 2010 when I used to go so you can experience what I experienced.
  5. That place near the office that I went for my 21st birthday and I still had a lip ring. I’m… going to take 5 minutes to see if I find that fucking picture. Fuck it. Couldn’t find it. Found this though.

    I have no fucking idea what this is. But it was a paparazzo friend that took this picture. So maybe I’m talking to someone? I’m not even sure where this was… Anyway. That place was near NOBU.
    BAM! Google Maps will help!
    Oh shit. Picture resolved already. Santa Monica pier. Just hanging out apparently in 2010.
    Hah. Izaka-Ya is by the same guys as Sugar Fish.
    OH FUCK. Google Maps didn’t help.
    Anyway. That place was not as good as Sugar Fish. Point is. Sugar Fish is my sushi standard.

Point is. Sugar Fish is my sushi standard and the rest feel very inferior.

All of that.


Is just to rant in why I don’t like the suchi in Tijuana.

Hey. I never been to Japan. I’m just a weeaboo. And I like to complain.

Here’s the sushi we had in Tijuana.

Granted it was in a place that has “Fusion” on it’s title. Meaning. Do not expect real sushi.

Kappa maki cucumber roll with shrimp, cream cheese, and surimi on top. It tasted like cream cheese and cucumber. The shrimp or surimi were just decorative. It was good. Because all fucking sushi is good. But it was not sushi.

The spicy salmon with shit tons of other ingredients mounted on top that it resulted in the taste of just a spicy chipotle sauce. It was good. But again. It was just a mesh of sushis in one. And again. This is just me being a weeaboo. But I prefer simple sushi with balance. And I thought I was ordering simple sushi. Nope. You get a gigantic mesh of flavors that are indistinguishable from one another.

And also again. Pretty good. It’s fucking sushi (for 199 pesos… whoa…) but it’s good.


My girlfriend got the kraken roll. Yellowtail, breaded surimi, topped with octopus and herbs. This was the best one. But it was also not really sushi.

Presentation was great. The place looks fantastic. The beers are cheap. The sushi is not horribly overpriced. The staff was nice. And the sushi was …. well… the idea of sushi. And idea that everyone in Tijuana has of what sushi is. It extends to the majority of Mexico and America. California is filled with sushi places like this. Yet there are a few that are authentic (in reality, just Sugar Fish and maybe Sushi Mac). So this is why I never get sushi in Tijuana. Or well… when I do, I know I’m not getting sushi, I’m getting the idea of sushi.


THIS is why I don’t write food articles anymore.

The place, by the way, is called Tobu Japanese Fusion. I would give it 2/5. I’ll go again just because sushi is fucking delicious no matter if it’s not really sushi. They seemed to have other plates that might be good. And again, the place is nice, the beer is well priced, the staff was cool, it had a very nice appeal. BUT FUCK ME do I wish I could find a sushi place that actually has fucking sushi. I would be happy.

Also. Tijuana needs bagels.

And a Trader Joe’s.



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