Just a Diary – Billions Show – Malin Åkerman

This is just a diary.

A daily word vomit.

One that I can’t stop posting every single day.

It does not pretend to be anything else but my morning thoughts. Sometimes is in the afternoon. But for the most part I write all of this while I have my morning coffee. Before I shower. While I do push-ups. Speaking of which, I haven’t been doing as many as I should. Yesterday I skipped them in general. Before that, I was sick and barely did around 30 a day. My average has been around 80 a day instead of the 100 I said I was doing.

I’m still a bit sick. My lips are chapped that they are bleeding. My nose is all crusty and I still have mucus.

But I should do 100 today.

And then there’s the rest of the week.

I’m uncertain about this week.

Last bi-week I feel like I was very successful. I have $ in my bank account. I have $ cash because of the tour. I made more $ than I thought I would. I got my driver’s license. I have a cover story coming up that makes me nervous as fuck.

Compared that to the bi-week before. I didn’t make any money at all.

YUGE difference between the couple of weeks in each month.

Those 4 weeks are also the 4 weeks I’ve had a girlfriend. Which again, is insane for me to even think about it. I have a girlfriend. And she loves me (and I love her). Which is super weird.

She made me coffee this morning. Now she’s at work. Work that she hates, but does it anyway.

And we had a small fight yesterday. The dumbest of fights. Couples fight, right? It didn’t last long. And we were back together in a matter of minutes. Cuddling watching the show Billions.

Here’s the thing. I say dumb shit. I say dumb shit all the time and I’m stubborn as fuck. They are silly aas fucking jokes. Or just silly stupid beliefs. And though I’ll do anything for her, it is hard to change my stupid ways. Especially in just one month.

But after the silly fight, we were together drinking beers, she also made some tequila drinks, and we kept watching the show Billions.

Never seen it before, babe has seen what is on Netflix so far. Paul Giamatti is great. The show in general is pretty damn good. It’s like a House of Cards but with the attorney general vs a billionaire instead of the president and what not.

My complaints are minimal. I feel like I complain about this in many shows and it makes me sound like a prude, but the sex is way overdone. I want to watch a show, not the beginning of a porn. And there’s a couple of scenes that I’m suddenly like… well… this is porn. I mean… seriously. A tiny hidden camera in a dark room produces HD results of two lesbian chicks fucking and doing cocaine?! It was a TINY hidden camera, in a room with no light. And when they review the video, it’s all HD with perfect lighting.

The other thing is the dialogue. It’s not horrible. Maybe it’s just the way some actors deliver it. But it distracts me from the narrative because I keep thinking “there’s no way people talk like this.” Some lines feel extremely mechanical, witty, and fast. Yet you can see they are just memorized lines. Not Giamatti. When he talks, he knows his lines and what he is saying, not just memorized lines like a parrot. Other actors are great as well, but some fall very short. That dude that was in Breaking Bad is a great support actor for the main billionaire.

Now we have two seasons going on. Billions. And Black Mirror.

And there are hundreds, nay, thousands of shows and movies she wants to watch with me. Because some aren’t on Netflix, now she wants to buy Amazon Prime. Yeah. Fuck it. I’ll get it (or we will). But there are so many shows already too watch and not that much time.

Well. We do have a lot of time. I hope. Time together that is.

She goes to Mexico City next week.

I’m looking at flights to go with her. But she’s going to work. And only from Monday to Thursday. Less than a week. If I go anywhere, I’ll be going for more than a week. So it’s probably not going to work out.

Flights are CHEAP right now. I just found round trip for a week for only $105 USD. And I haven’t been in central Mexico in forever!

Ahhh.. and we have a wedding in Monterrey. That’s apparently until April….


For the rest of my week. I have no idea what I’m doing. I have a story to finish that is around 70% done. But then I got distracted with my license, then with being sick and not wanting to work, then with tour. And now. The week starts again and I don’t feel like writing. But I shall.

Pitch some stories. Not sure what. But I have to work.

I’ll figure it out. I have all day! And all week!

I’m not even sure what celebrity to post today!

I wanted Paul Giamatti. But apparently I never saw him. I was hoping I did. But nope.

Ok. Who else is in Billions that I like? Malin Åkerman.

Did I see her?!


I don’t remember though.

In the pics she seems like she was really nice. There’s only one set of her, though I feel like I saw her a couple of more times.

Malin Åkerman

Åkerman! With that little nifty thing on top of the A.

Pictures are from October 7, 2009. Yes! I plugged in my hard-drive to look for Giamatti, but all I found was Åkerman.

That day I also shot Mickey Rooney (who died in 2014…), Ryan Seacrest, Sophia Bush, Christina Milian, Blythe Danner, and Bette Midler.

Yeah. That’s not Åkerman. That’s Sophia Bush. But I looked at her folder real quick and saw this cute picture of her. She lived near me when I lived in West Hollywood. She was always nice.

That’s Åkerman with her ex-husband.

She is smiling in most of the pictures.

That’s fat Shane in the background. Because he couldn’t run in front of the couple to take a good picture, he used the opportunity to ruin a perfectly good one. He was my competition. Sometimes he was nice. Sometimes he was fucking insane. Overall, he is not a dude that I miss hanging out with… The camera guy to the left of them… that dude. Yeah. That dude is a good friend that I haven’t seen in years.

There. Without fat Shane in the background. My Canon flash was so much better than my Nikon flash. I didn’t even have a flash grip back then (I think it was broken, them cables break easily). You can tell because of shadow in the back. Also, was shooting with the 40D with a 17-40mm/4.0f lens. That was my favorite Canon lens. Focal length taped at 20mm same with the focusing taped at infinity.

And that was with the 5D and the 70-200mm/2.8f. Great lens. The 5D was full frame, but it was one of the slowest cameras I used.

Ok. Now work time. Whatever that means this week. Hah! Didn’t mention Trump. Tired of him. Everyone is. The political mess is strong. Very strong. Time to read articles and watch shows about Trump!… then figure out work.



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