Touring Minnesotans – Casa del Túnel, Cevicheria Nais, Teorema, Mezcalera, and (Zona)Norte – Sunday Brunch

Like always.

Super fun tour.

I should be posting all of this in Tijuana Adventure instead of here.

In fact, I should be posting over there more often. After every tour. And upload a couple pictures.

This were my tourists:


And here they are at La Casa del Túnel:


Yep. 8 white guys from Minnesota. Where I went to college from. So that was a cool coincidence. Also, thanks for Tony Tee for hooking up the tour.

The guys asked for OIL, a once in a lifetime experience. But requested absolutely no strip clubs/brothels, which is what Tijuana is known for for that type of experience. The other thing is the border wall. And Tijuana art. So I hired artist Panca to give us a talk, and asked for La Casa del Túnel to be opened for us with Enrique Chiu. Little did I know Enrique Chiu is an amazing artist and a great speaker. He was a joy to have in the tour.

AHH but from the beginning….

I was going to meet them at their hotel in San Diego at 4 pm to arrive to Tijuana around 5 pm.

I made it to San Diego way too early at 2:30 pm. So I hung out with Brozo who was editing a video that was Gay As Fuck. I’m not joking. That was the name of the video. Gay As Fuck.

Apparently he shot a gay night for a gig and now has to edit the video. It was. GAY AS FUCK. Besides the point.

…. My tour was late. Fashionably late. I met them almost at 6 pm in their hotel lobby (The Hard Rock Cafe… super stupidly nice lobby). They rented convertible Mustangs in San Francisco and drove the West Coast visiting cities and other. It was not their fault they were late, LA traffic and other shit delayed them greatly. Though it kinda worked on our favor since there was no line to cross to Mexico. However, Panca had to go because I had hired her for way early.

Enrique Chiu was also not going to show up, but I called him and he decided to come down and meet us. He showed us Casa del Túnel, gave us the story behind it, invited us to paint the border wall, and more. I can’t believe I haven’t met him before. He was definitely the person to talk to for the tour.

After that, we went to La Cevicheria Nais. I could tell some of the people in the tour were not content with my choice. They had me order for all of them. When the food arrive, they went from disappointment to happiness. Yep. La Cevicheria Nais never disappoints. Four red snappers, four ahi tuna, 3 tacos of 3 different things (I forgot what I ordered), a big molcajete of rib-eye, guacamole, mezcalitas (margaritas made with mezcal), beers, and more. What a feast. The only thing that bothered me is that the waiter had $$ for eyes. He was pushing more stuff than what I was ordering and insisted on a tip. He was a nice guy. But I could tell he was hungry for the extra tip.

From there, we were close to Lúdica/Teorema tap room. It was a bit packed in there, but more than half the group had a beer there. And from there to La Mezcalera. Almost everyone tried the crickets, whichwas awesome from the guys. Some people never dare eat those fuckers. Ah… and obviously some mezcal. I shouldn’t have drank mezcal.

We went to Norte for one more craft beer as it was getting close to midnight. They also got Norte shirts that my brother makes :)

A quick glance at Zona Norte so they get the gist of it, and because they asked for street tacos. My street tacos of choice for my tours is usually Las Amigas, but that was in the same direction we previously were at. And I wanted them to show the quick glance at Zona Norte. So I got them adobada tacos from the giant meat spinner. They were happy again.

To the border, memory a bit fuzzy, thanks mezcal. My Uber picked me up at 12:30. So I know I dropped them off right after midnight. Great tour. Like always. Had tons of fun. Yep. Tour like always was heavily improvised and it worked out great.

And… believe it or not. Some of them were Trump supporters. I had deleted/block all the previous Trump supporters from my social media before. I really didn’t think I was going to meet another in my life. But they were all cool. I could see how they started to view the border and the wall differently. And the relation with Mexico. One guy in particular asked me about how crossing worked. He thought any Mexican was allowed to visit the US without the need to process a visa. Which is completely the opposite case because not that many people get visas, and my girlfriend just got hers taken away. He also asked if there was anything, or anyone to call if I wanted my girlfriend to just visit the US for a week. There is not. She needs to get her visa again somehow. Which sucks, because she has very low hopes of getting it back.

“You smell like beer,” was what my girlfriend said this morning. I knew I stank. I drank a bunch in the tour. But as for how Sunday goes. It still goes.

We tried to go to Los Chilaquiles for breakfast early on. When we arrived, there was more than a 30 minute wait. We decided to go to their other location. It was even worse.

We gave up and went to Teléfonica. Because Teléfonica is always a great place to go.



Goddamn do I love that brunch sandwich. I only have one word for it. FUCKING SAVORY. Well… Savory is the word. FUCKING just remarks how FUCKING savory that FUCKING Montecristo is.

Girlfriend wanted chilaquiles. La Carmelita never disappoints either.


That was her brunch. Before she bathed it with 5 different types of salsa turning into a heavy mesh of spicy chilaquiles.

After that came back home. I took a nap. She has been watching Netflix. Still is. Billions. Looks like a great show. It has Paul Giamatti, which is a fucking guarantee in anything. Paul fucking Giamatti. What a great actor that often goes unrecognized. I wonder if I ever saw him… I don’t quite remember, but I might have.

We’re both hungry again.

So food time.

Food time…

It’s always food time.


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