PayDay and Cover Story! – Nintendo Switch, Shit, March Already – Still Sick….

I just spent my first hour of the morning looking at reviews of the new Nintendo Switch.


It’s March already.

It’s been March for a couple of days.

I still feel a bit sick.

Today is pay day.

I’m getting a cover soon.


Blog post done.


I could rant about Trump forever. Here it goes for a bit.

I finally caught up with his speech to congress and other non-sense he has been up to. I’ve been busy, but finally got to read so much bullshit. So much more bullshit this morning.

And yep. I’m getting sick of it.

No matter what this dude says or does, he is still going to have idiot supporters that follow him blindly. The hypocrisy is too much. I started to recall all the shit he said before he was president and there was a sense of “no way this fucking idiot is going to be president.” He is an ignorant racist piece of shit.

It’s not his fault.

He was born like that. He has never worked a day in his life (though he will make you believe he has been working his whole life). He is the product of what is wrong with capitalism. He is like a 9 year old king from feudal times. He was born into royalty and has no idea what the common man is.

Of course he had to fight for it during the election. That’s probably his greatest feat in his whole life. That’s why he keeps repeating it. Not even he knows how he got there. He was capitalism’s little prince. And now he is the king. And it might be the downfall of capitalism. It might be the downfall of the world.


On to happier news.

No. I’m not going to get cheesy. Girlfriend and I still doing great. We had a nice dinner yesterday with her friend Doida at Cevicheria Nais.

Then Doida lost her car keys and it felt like the night was going to turn into shittiness. But after a good half an hour looking, the keys finally appeared (hidden in the depths of her purse).

Home time. Double cuddles. Sleep.

I can’t believe the Nintendo Switch is already out. Reviews seemed to be mixed but mostly towards the negative. Not something I really want or need at the moment. I still rather get a PS4. I’m still happy with my Wii U. I am definitely buying that Zelda though (for the Wii U obviously).

Switch will have to wait. And it might have to wait a long ass time.

At least I’m making more money now that my finances seem plausible to buy stuff. At the same time I’m spending money in things I didn’t think about spending money before.

I will probably buy a PS4 before buying a Nintendo Switch. Unless a Playstation 5 is announced soon, but I doubt it. I mean… how much better can consoles get?

I haven’t even fucked with VR yet. Technology is going way too fast and I am way too broke. Not only financially, I’m time broke. I don’t have time to be playing with all them gadgets. I got other shit to worry in my life.

And I’m still happy with my iPhone and Pokémon Go!

Seriously… Pokémon Go already entertains me when I get outside my apartment. I actually enjoy leaving my apartment for the sole reason of getting some Pokémon.

Speaking of which. I got a festive Pikachu party hat yesterday!


My first Pikachu. And yep. I need a picture for this pointless blog post. Moving on.

Another cover story!

There will be more about that later. It comes out in three weeks. And we still have to figure out the pictures. I have to talk to a lot of the people I already talked too and see if they want to be in the cover picture or in the pictures in general.

So I can’t disclose much about it.

Good thing is. I got paid! I kinda wanted more money because it took me longer than other stories and it is my longest story I have sent. But I’m happy with another cover. Well, about getting paid for it and that the career keeps on growing. I’m not happy with what will happen after. That always makes me nervous.

Yes. It’s somewhat ironic. I have a daily blog, but I don’t like the attention. I feel weird about it. I just do this as an exercise. Yet people read (more and more each day it seems). Thank you. I guess… ?

Fucking pigeons outside my apartment. Fucking assholes. I want to get rid of them. There is so much in this apartment that needs fixing. Moving out seems like a plausibility. Some months into the future though.

I was looking at leasing cars for Uber/Lyft. That might be a plausibility soon. Like I said it would back in January when I was still single. And I said I was going to get my license back in January or at least February. HEY! I did it on March. At least I fucking did it. Yay! License!

I’m starting to feel less sick as this day goes by. Instead of mucus it’s switching over to cough.

And goody.

I have a tour tomorrow.

A long ass tour tomorrow.

It will be fun. And it will be money. And Tijuana Adventure can and should grow.

So to recap.

Writing is going good. If not great. I should keep doing it. That article that I’m supposed to finish is still just sitting there and I don’t want to finish it just yet.

I have my license. So leasing a car to drive Uber/Lyft might be a possibility. Having a car might open doors to more gigs/jobs. Especially photography jobs.

I have two tours for Tijuana Adventure on March. If I really made a conscious effort to get more tours, I can probably get way more tours. But for now I’m just letting it roll as it is. I mean, it’s somehow working.

I have a great girlfriend. I still can’t believe this part of my life. It’s odd. And fascinating. And I’m liking it.

Now. To enjoy my Friday.

I should some work. But at the same time I just want to catch some Pokémons and eat delicious food.

Whoa. I never had to ban someone from /r/Tijuana or I have never come to a serious disagreement with someone in that subreddit. But some chick just said the stupidest shit I’ve ever read in a mean condescending way. What a twat.

I was in such a good mood and that person made me so angry. Alright… Friday. Let’s keep the happy thoughts.

Worked up for nothing. Geez. Some fucking people. I feel like I need a beer now.

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