DMV Nightmare – Now I’m Sick – Bro’s Birthday


I bitched and bitched about going to the DMV.

I was wrong.

It was…. pretty fucking nice.

I was going to be a tad late for my appointment. Google maps told me I was going to be around 25 minutes late walking. But I walk fast, and I ran a bit. I made it exactly on time at 11:59 am.

As I approached the building, I saw more than 30 motherfuckers waiting outside. It looked like at least a 2 hour line. The sign by where they were waiting said “non-appointment line.”

Here’s the thing kids.


The other line only had one person, and as I approached the line, he was gone. I cut in front of fucking everyone because I had an appointment. Dude just asked me “you have an appointment sir?” Yes. Yes I do.

Gave me paperwork to fill out (it wasn’t even much). Gave it back to him, he gave me my number F049 and told me to wait on the side and wait for my number to be called.

I sat down, look up at the screen and saw that there were shit tons of numbers. Thought to myself, this is when I wait. Opened Pokémon Go, there were a few low level pokeys in the area. Started capturing a Rattata and then … BOOM! F049 gets called. I didn’t even get to catch the pokey.

The lady was nice. It was pretty fucking painless. Filled out more paperwork. Got my fingerprint taken. Then got some papers and she said “go get your picture, then go do the test.”

Shit. The room where they were taking pictures had at least 40 people waiting. This is where I wait!


I was wrong again. Only one person was in that room for their picture taken. I was next.

Of course I look like shit in the picture.


I tried my best okay!

Test time! I thought I had to wait again. So I wanted to catch them pokeys. Big black woman said “if I see you with a phone in this area it’s an automatic fail.” Got it big black woman! Put my phone away. Chose the monitor closest to her (monitor #1) and started my test. Which I didn’t know was a touch screen multiple choice bullshit.

Skipped the first question because I wasn’t sure of the answer… (you get to skip three)

Then answered the rest quickly because … well … THEY WERE FUCKING EASY!

It took me less than 5 minutes. NAY! Less than 3 minutes.

I had two wrong answers, which made me nervous I might fail. But suddenly the screen just flashed “Congratulations, you passed the test. See DMN attendant.”

I went to the big black woman’s desk. She asked if I passed. I said I guess so. She indicated to leave my paperwork on the basket and she would call my name.


And… I did wait. It was only like 10 minutes.

While I waited, I overheard an old woman saying she has been at the DMV since 9 fucking AM.

9 AM!

Poor old lady. She should have made her online appointment. I also saw a couple of people failing the test. Seriously?!

Big black woman called my name. Made me sign something. Then gave me my interim license and that the real one should be in the mail in a week or two.

Left the DMV at 12:46 pm.

I was there for less than an hour.

As I left… there were tons of people still waiting in line all the way outside. Poor people. Just make a fucking appointment kids!

International pokeys!

I got an Aerodactyl. That’s the only new Pokey I got. It says I got it in Coronado California, though I was in Chula Vista.

But for the most part, I encountered the same Pokémons in San Diego than I do in Tijuana.

Of course this drained my whole phone battery. But I was done with the DMV. And done with the other side for a while. It had been a while. It was nice. It was fun. It was quick. I am done.

It was nice and sunny out.

Didn’t even use a hoodie.

But walking/running for so long under the sun, plus I woke up feeling a bit sick, made me sicker.

I don’t feel that horrible. But since early yesterday I’ve been blowing my nose non-stop. I fucking hate being sick.

I thought the remedy was going to drink a big beer (caguama). So I got back to Tijuana real early, around 2 pm I was at Nelson drinking my self-congratulatory beer.

After that beer. Cellphone dead. No more pokeys.

I came home and slept.

Slept for more than 3 hours.

When I woke up, I went to see my babe where I always see her when she gets off work. It was my brother’s birthday and my mom made birthday dinner and there was also cake. I got them beers.

It was family time in Playas. Great dinner. Some beers. I kept feeling sicker. I woke up sick.

Happy non-birthday bro! His bday is in a leap year. So this doesn’t count. He is 8 1/4 old officially…

Oh well.

Point is. It was another great day. Though sick. I was with people that I love. And the DMV was pretty fucking painless.

WAY painless.

I didn’t even have breakfast when I got there and I was feeling like shit. But it took me almost nothing to leave.

After the DMV I ate the extreme sausage from Jack in the Box. Feeling sick and eating garbage food is not really a good thing. But goddamn are they nasty delicious.

And today.

Today I’m just fucking sick.

I need to finish this article that I’ve been working on. I’m more than halfway done. Just need the ending chapter. Yep. I divided a 2,000 word article into 4 short chapters. Let’s see how it goes.

I just feel fucking sick.

Sick = No push-ups. Not sure what is for breakfast. Still coffee.

I need to feel better for Saturday.

Because Saturday. TOUR!

I can’t believe how everything I wanted is going exactly how I wanted. Got paid. Got published. DMV was a breeze. Tour is confirmed. I am getting good stuff from everywhere.


And yes.

I’m still very happy with my girlfriend.


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