Published! – No More Rain, So Much Sleep – My Annoying Girlfriend


I finally got published.

Some dude that always comments in my articles something negative about Tijuana commented in my article something negative about Tijuana.


Click the screen cap to go to article. OR  CLICK HERE.

My roommate also got published about a party we went too.


Click on the screen cap to go to article. OR CLICK HERE.

Roommate only used one picture from all the pictures I took. But I guess he had his own camera so he can use his. And I left early, missed the Yeti, and other late stuff.

Not even sure if I can call him roommate still. I haven’t seen him since that party. That was more than two weeks ago. He is never home.

But yay! Published. That relaxes me quite a bit. I’m not broke.

Financial stress sucks. Much more when it can be financial stress for two people. And me and my girlfriend like to live fancy. Eat out. Drink craft beer. Travel around.

Shit. We need to go to Monterrey next month and I’m not sure how that’s going to happen and if it’s going to happen. I guess it has too happened. At least for her. She has a wedding that it is one of those MUST GO. But she also has a job where SHE CAN’T GO. So she’s thinking of just going on Saturday and flying back on Sunday. Fuck that. If I’m going, I’m going for at least 5 days. Not only because I want to get to know a city that I’ve never been, but because flights are so much cheaper on Thursday and Tuesday than on the weekends…

So I’m not sure how or if it’s going to happen…

Holy rain yesterday!

My street was not only a river of caca, it was a rapid with a nice sewer fountain.

I went to take a long exposure pic, but it was still too bright to accomplished the results that I wanted. So I couldn’t do longer than a 1/3 of a second without getting overexposed. I was going to go at night, but got lazy.

So this is the only pic I got that is worth it and it’s not that great.


So… long exposures of moving water gives it a “ghost” trail kind of feel to pictures. That’s what I was trying to accomplish. But I should have saved my energy to take the pictures when it got dark. Or… I should get a dark polarizing lens filter.

It was difficult to walk around yesterday. Many streets were flooded.

But I had to leave the house for some Pokémon. And more importantly. To meet my girlfriend where I always meet her after work.

And after seeing her, we went to buy her shoes. How annoying. And there I am. Waiting for her to pick a pair of shoes. And she asks me if these are fine. Or what about those? Should I get them in pink or black?!


She’s so goddamn annoying.

She never lets me sleep. She pokes my face. Rubs my eyes. Starts singing. Yells randomly.

So annoying.

Lovingly annoying.

Because she gives me little kisses all the time.

And because I do love her.

In a weird way, I love how she annoys me.

And if you don’t know me… I’m the easiest person to annoy. Basically everything and everyone can annoy me. But it’s been more than 3 weeks that we spend every minute we can together, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So she’s not really annoying. I just like to give her shit (sorry babe).

She’s still the most wonderful person I met so far in 30 years of life.

Crazy stuff.

I slept in today.

I slept a lot.

Woke up early with her. She annoyed me for a bit. But then I went back to bed. She went to work. She let me sleep.

I woke up again almost at noon. That’s a lot of sleep (we went to bed early as well).

I’m a man that sleeps a lot. She is a woman that she is good with 5-7 hours a night. She knows I need my sleep.

I can’t wait to see her again today.


Shit. It’s already late. Usually done with this blog way earlier. And by usually, I mean since I’ve been with her.

Pay request sent. Just waiting for confirmation, or bad news.

Then I have to work. I have 700 words done out of 2,000 I want to send.

So I’ll continue with that article. Will almost complete it by today. I shall finish it and edit the fuck out of it by tomorrow. Send it before Thursday. Or tomorrow. Depends in how I do.

For now.

Coffee. Push-ups. Breakfast. Reddit. Work. E-mails. Work. Work… work?

Then. Tap Tuesday.


Tap Tuesday.




One response to “Published! – No More Rain, So Much Sleep – My Annoying Girlfriend”

  1. Congrats! Funny post. I can just see your gf annoying the shit out of you. Good for her. haha

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