Saturday with Brozo – More Little Planet Photo – Sunday Brunch Time

It’s Sunday!

Aka Dormingo in Spanish.

Yes. The extra r is on purpose.

As in Dormingo for dormir.

Get it?


Okay. This will be a short shitty post because it’s Sunday and I have to go eat brunch with mah babe and her girlfriend.

Brozo. Dan. Radio DJ of 94.9. Freelance videographer. Friend. Dude.

He came over to Tijuana yesterday afternoon.

We met him at Nelson and from there we went to the beach.

Before meeting him… I made my girlfriend watch a soccer game with me and she was hating life.

But hey… Gallos won again!

Jimmy Lozano is doing really good shit for the team!

I’m happy.

It was a very cloudy day. But Dan had a mission. To shoot the nice 7-eleven by the beach. Not sure why. But I’m sure his time-lapse videos are going to look sick. Just watching him shoot looked pretty awesome.

I had one mission. Another little planet photography.

It looks like this:


This is what the original looked like:


Yes. It is a lot of fuckery with photoshop.

I explained in a previous post. Or just google little planet photography. TADA!

After playing with our toys at the beach… we went to eat.

Babe got an arepa with beans and plantains. It came with a garlic white sauce that was beyond tasty (and other salsas she smothered the arepa with).

Brozo and myself split a rack of ribs that were okay, a bit overpriced, but good enough.

Then came home and watched Black Mirror.

Two episodes to be exact.

One was about a chick that wakes up and has no idea what is going on, but everyone is filming her. Liked it. On my top 3 I think.

Then the other one had Jon Hamm. And that was Brozo’s favorite. That’s why we watched it.

I wasn’t huge on it. I liked it. But it wasn’t that great. It was three little stories to end up in one story that could have been told by just one single story. Basically, they dragged it a lot. Or that’s how I feel.

Jon Hamm was great though.

I saw him a few times in person.

And tomorrow is paparazzi throwback Monday. So I’ll post my pictures of Jon Hamm. He was a really nice dude.

Time to go get brunch in this rainy Sunday.

Then… do whatever she wants. And I think she wants to clean.

Then… the week starts again!

I haven’t been published. I have articles to finish. Not sure if I’m getting paid.

Freelance life can suck it sometimes. But it will be fine.


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