Material Collected – Pokémons Collected – iPhone Magic

So many Pokémons. So many pictures. So much work to do.

I rode the SITT rapid bus yesterday from one end to the other and back. It was almost 2 hours for the whole loop. I took so many pictures with my iPhone.

I was going to bring my camera, but I thought the iPhone would suffice. I think it did. I’m barely even getting to know the camera. It was doing this weird thing where each pic was like a mini video. Apparently I had it in “Live” mode. I just realized the fucker does slow motion and panoramic pictures! Fuck! I haven’t even tried those.

Again. It’s like I was living in the past because I didn’t have a nice fancy phone.

Speaking of which. I should try doing a panoramic picture and slow mo videos soon.

I just did a pano shot. It was pretty awesome.

Waiting for my iPhone to transfer everything inside Dropbox so I can edit and get too work.

Yesterday I also interviewed a good friend on his adventures through California and how his life went for the past year. Great story. Many great quotes. Have to transcribe the whole thing and get to work. I have a few days to do all this.

I should finish the bus story today. Or tomorrow. And start working on the next one. All the material was collected already. Now it’s just time to be on my desk and work work work.

I’m just wasting time until the pictures upload into my dropbox. Oh god. It’s taking a very long time.

The dollar to peso is under 20 now.

No one is talking about that.

I’m still waiting for the pictures to get into my dropbox. I should cook breakfast instead of just staring at my computer blankly.

Well fuck this. It’s been over an hour, two giant homemade breakfast burritos, yesterday’s Colbert show, and there’s still 106 pictures pending to go from my iPhone to my iMac.

Should have just plugged in the fucking phone. This is a slow process and I need them pictures to work.

I went to the park for some Pokémon. I found this pretty flower for my dopamine.

iPhone is freaking amazing.

Here’s the panorama in low quality because iPhone transfer through dropbox is being slow as fuck.


Not to continue with the iPhone is magic commercial. But it is.

I left it for a second on a table at a bar (Mamut) while I went to the bathroom yesterday. There was no one in the bar. But I freaked out and rush my pee, and ran out because I was afraid someone already stole my iPhone that quickly.

I had the double IPA from there again. It’s very good. And I bumped into the owner (Juan). Very cool guy. It’s unbelievable the drama that business went through for nothing. Juan even told me he had a trans friend growing up. He obviously doesn’t give zero fucks if you are straight, gay, cis, bi, trans, weird, etc. He has always supported the arts and the city of Tijuana. Yep. Mamut beer has gone up and down in quality. Right now is in an amazing going up quality, so that’s great. It’s also ridiculously cheap ($2 pints).

All of this happened after eating this bagel.

All of that happened after I rode the bus for more than an hour.

I was waiting for those pics to get into dropbox so I can show it here, but I took so many, and it’s taking forever to transfer. I recommend to anyone to ride the SITT bus. It just takes you to the other side of town. It was fun. I’m thinking about doing it again soon, maybe today.

I get to write about that. Maybe I should ride it again. Get them Pokémon. I for sure don’t want to be in my apartment much longer.

After the bus, the bagel, the beer… I went back home. Got a hoodie cuz it was going to get cold. Met up with my girl. Went to get tacos. Then went to Norte where I interviewed my friend for almost 30 minutes.

I have to transcribe all of that.

But all I want to do is go get more Pokémon. And first I’m writing the bus story anyway.

Before picking up my girl, I went to take over the gym near my house. Minutes after I took it over, another team took it over.

I’m talking about Pokémon Go if you haven’t realized.

The timeline of this blog post is all screwy.

This morning I went to take over the gym again. Minutes after, yellow team took it over. Then I took it over again. It still belongs to my team. I’m so low level. So much catching up to do.


I left a fucking Paras as a guardian. Because fuck it.

Shit. I just checked. It went back to Yellow team. I’m going to go take over that fucker soon.

Then walk around for more Pokémon and sit somewhere and finish that bad boy article.

But I’m tied to my apartment and my desk for a while longer. 88 more pictures to upload. Some editing to do. Then article writing to do.

I just read this week’s cover in the Reader.

Pretty freaking good.

Read it.

It’s also really sad.

So don’t read it.

It’s very well written.

So do read it.

But again, it can make you pretty sad. It made complaining about life much more difficult.

Great writer that I accidentally read part of her book before and didn’t even know she contributed to the Reader.

Dropbox still has 70 pictures remaining…. sigh.

It’s taking forever.

Push-ups. Editing. Pokémon. Writing. Emails. Work. Work. Work. Until my girl gets home. Then Black Mirror most likely.



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