The World’s Gone Mad – and I’m Crazy About Her – Sigourney Weaver

There is too much in my mind and not sure where to go.



I took a pretty picture.


That was with my iPhone SE.

Not bad at all.

Edited with Snapseed.

Curious of what I did? Some levels fuckery. Dropped highlights almost all the way. A bit of structure + sharpening (1/4 up each). Vignette some towards the sky.

It was well received on IG. 105+ likes. FB 60+ likes. And some shares. Hah.

It’s not doing that well on Reddit though. Mostly ignored.

No need to grab fancy camera, set-up tripod, dial in settings, etc etc if you can just grab an iPhone and do some Snapseed editing.

2017. You crazy!

And it’s a mad mad world. But I manage to forget about it because I’m with her.

Not now. Because she’s at work.

And I should be doing work. But I’m not sure what I’m doing right now. Work. Write. Work. Wait. Push-ups? Breakfast? Shower? Work. Write. Work.


Coffee forever.

Trump is crazy.

The alt-right with Milo Yiannopoulos is even more insane. This guy has to be a joke. Like Ann Coulter. I don’t believe that they truly believe what they say. They just say it because they know money. And pleasing certain crowds will give you money. Maybe even Karl Rove just talks like that because he knows it gives him money. Glenn Beck was going crazy over it. Making so much money by making shit up. But then he lost it. He realized he was being an evil dick. And changed his ways. A bit too late. But he at least changed.

That Milo though. Shit. His the craziest fucker I have seen and heard speak in a while. I like how during Bill Maher’s Overtime he dismissed the other speakers for having low IQ. He pulled the /r/iamverysmart IQ number. Fuck man. Trump’s IQ must be yuuuuuuuge as well.

Both Milo and Trump are pedophiles.

WTF is wrong with the world?!


Trump directly told little girls “you’ll be my wife someday” or creepy shit like that.

Milo is saying that little boys should have sex with gay men.

Fuck this shit.

And right-wingers are investigating Pizza Gate?! They get mad at pedophilia and elect a pedophile?!?

Man… this is a really fucked up skewed world.

At least I have her. And I’m crazy about her. I can’t stop it. I like her more and more each day. It’s only been two weeks but she is already a huge part in my life.

I still don’t get how it happened.

But it happened.

And she makes me incredibly happy. And makes me a better person. Or pushes me to be a better person at the very least. And I’ll do anything for her. Which yesterday was cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning!

Fuck. I miss her already but I won’t see her until tonight. And then it’s the weekday! We only get to be each other for a couple of hours before sleep.

Went from anger at the world to feeling calm thinking about her.

We have each other. Amongst all this insanity. I found love.

Hah. The L word.

But I do.

Yesterday was a great day because of her. This morning was great because of her. Tonight is going to be great because of her. And each day that this dopamine feel will last. Neither of us know how long the dopamine addiction to each other will last. Who would know!? I just know I never felt this way before.

Sorry for the cheesy gross romantic crap.



I have no certain work for a while. March 1st I need to go the DMV. March 4th I have a tour with 8 guys from Minnesota.

The rest of my days I have them to write articles, knock on doors, and promote Tijuana Adventure.

I’ll finish the travel story that I started and never wrote more than a paragraph. And I’ll go back to writing about food. The food writing, I’ll slowly ease into it. When inspiration hits. And if it hits. Not going to rush them anymore. That’s why they were getting bad. Maybe. I don’t know. Editors weren’t liking my stuff.

And queries.



Pitch ideas for the next week or two. That’s what I’ll do.

Anyone knows publishers? I want to write for more people. Even write a book/guide of Tijuana. Maybe I should have taken that job that only paid 500 pesos… GRRRRR… I have a set $50 minimum though…

Look for jobs too. I’m still planning to Uber. But maybe I should get a part-time job since writing isn’t always functioning.

Oh yeah. I’m supposed to make money by inviting taco shops to Tacotopia.

Freelance life. So confusing sometimes to be your own boss.

Sigourney Weaver

It’s celebrity Monday!

Crazy how my blog was only once a week and it narrated my weekly life and then a random celebrity. Which I usually chose because of something relevant or really good pictures.


Not this time.

I just checked my folder to see who I was shooting 7 years ago. The folder revealed Sigourney Weaver, Cat Deeley, and Zoe Saldana. I saw all three a few times. Neither of the shoots of that day was that great.

Cat was never that cool. Zoe sometimes was cool but many times wasn’t. I remember Sigourney being always nice. But in this shoot she didn’t even seem to acknowledge me. I know I have a picture of her in Air France smiling broadly. I’m not going to plug in my hard-drive though.

Sorry. Got distracted by this great article. Which answers some of the questions I was posing about how the world has gone mad… WTF? Maybe I should try to pitch to A friend wrote for them a couple times…. This article was real good though.

Back to Sigourney Weaver!

Pictures are from February 20th, 2010. Exactly 7 years ago.

mat_4939 mat_4943

The dude giving her the tickets is Henry. He was one of my favorite agents. Always a really like-able guy from Argentina who kept his job simple.


My flash shots were shit. There’s one were she is smiling at the camera but her forehead is cropped. No bueno.

mat_4958 mat_4963

Sunglasses shot! Always a good shot to get for stupid magazines. Celebrities! They are just like US! They have to show security their eyes! YAY!

mat_4968 mat_4972

Some security shots. Yay yay yay.

mat_4978 mat_4988

And some after security. Her giving me that Weaver stare.

I don’t remember this shoot to be honest. The one I remember was in Air France. And she smiled and she was nice.

Yes. Sigourney Weaver is very tall. What a legend. She was cool.

That’s all for now. I should get to work. Still not sure doing what. My girlfriend just worried me. The editor just said “ok.” I’m not sure where I’m going next. AHHHHH life. My life. And the throwback paparazzi life.


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