Meeting the Housewrecker – Babe Got Drunk – And Gallos Won

I went to have brunch with my babe.

Yep. I call her babe most of the time.

It came natural. I never really called anyone babe since my girlfriend in college.

It’s a simple shitty horrible couple nickname. But that’s what came natural. So she’s my babe.

We went to Teléfonica Gastro Park. We were supposed to meet her Tijuana best friend. One out of the 22.5 best friends she has. She never showed.

I had Carmelita breakfast (scrambled eggs on top of three tostadas, smothered in salsa and other goodies). She had a chile filled with marlin taco that didn’t have that much marlin in it.

Both were great.

We didn’t even drink with our brunch.

At around 2ish pm, Instagrammer Housewrecker hit me up. He was coming down to Tijuana with his girlfriend.

I didn’t know the guy. All I knew is he is one great fucking shooter. And that he has a massive beard (and that his name is Joey).

I don’t even know how I started following him on Instagram, but I have been following him for months now. I saw one picture that he took of Tijuana down in the canal, a very dangerous area. So I messaged him that next time he is here, we should have a beer. He tried coming on a Sunday months before, but the border was closed and it was a horrible mess. I felt bad that I thought he was not going to come back.

But nah.

He messaged me to meet him over at Mamut Brewery at around 3:30 pm. We basically arrived at the same time.

It was fun times.

I started with the double IPA that has a 9.1% (according to them, is probably heavier). It’s pretty well done. Especially for Mamut. It’s a great double IPA. But it was the wrong beer to start with, since babe got drunk fast.

Follow Housewrecker on Instagram.


Here are some of my favorite:

Super cool light painting.

Some NYC love. Never been to NYC.

Dude is from Pennsylvania by the way. He is in San Diego working on underwater engineer stuff for the Navy. Pretty dope. Dude looks no much older than 35, turns out he is 40. His girlfriend also looked younger than 30… she is 31.

He is just overall a fucking great shooter. Also. It was really fun to hang out with him. Probably will happen again. Next time I should bring my camera. Or maybe we’ll meet in San Diego to shoot over there. Who knows!?

That’s him somewhere in San Diego.

This is the shot that made me start talking to him. That’s the bridge I would not dare go under at night time. No problem for Mr. Beard from PA. Can’t wait to see whatever he shot yesterday in Tijuana.

That is my shot by comparison. I really don’t dare to go under that bridge late at night. Much less solo.

We went to Norte Brewing to have some more beers there. We were supposed to meet my babe’s best friend there too. She never showed. So we drank and drank more IPAs.

Never seen her drunk. And she usually drinks faster than me. But my girlfriend got a tad drunk. And she wanted pizza and sleep. Though it was very early, just around 7ish, it was already time to go home. Wished I could hang out a tad longer, but her wishes are my demands. Okay… not that much. Because on the way home she wanted to stop and do some late night drunk shopping for clothes and shoes. And I didn’t let her. She also wanted to buy beans from a taco shop. I thought that was a tad too much just to come in and ask for beans… so that didn’t happen either.

According to her, that was the worst she gets and she apologized for being annoying. Hah. It was nothing.

Got home.

Gallos was playing vs Necaxa.

Caught the second half.

The game made me happy.

Gallos won 4-1 and as a visitor!

After the first 5 games not scoring a single goal, in two games they score plenty.

I smell a come back. Thank you Jimmy Lozano!

Yeah. Of course babe watched the soccer game with me. Though she didn’t want too. And was falling asleep. And we fell asleep right after the game. 9 pm. Bed time on a Saturday. What is wrong with me?! (us?!) Well. She has to work everyday very early. So she has an excuse. For me. I just love sleep.

And of course I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to bed for a while. I played Shovel Knight for a good hour or so. What a good fucking game. With great fucking music.

Now Sunday.

Not sure what to do.

My Sundays are usually crap and lazy. Babe is already doing cleaning/organizing and stuff. It’s so early. The weather is kinda shitty. No idea what will happen today. I guess cleaning and organizing.

Ok. One thing is happening. Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning. That’s for sure.

Push-ups. Breakfast. Shower. And a lot of cleaning!



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