Garbage Published – Rain and Foul Mood – Coherence is Not a RomCom, My Life…

I got published yesterday.

A story about garbage and how the new city mayor of Tijuana is not doing much for the city. The city is a mess. And he trolls it. To read the story… CLICK HERE!

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The comments make me laugh (and at the same time they anger me). I don’t even get why I bother. That one dude is complaining that the Reader focuses in Mexico… It’s one story out of every 40?!!? or so?!! And it focuses in San Diego and the surrounding area. Tijuana is more of a surrounding area than Michigan or something that this fucker wanted to read. And aren’t we a little sick with hearing over and over and over and over about politics?

And I’m not sure why I was in a foul mood for most of yesterday. The weather was shit. I didn’t have much to do. I felt… unproductive. Useless. While my girlfriend is out there laboring like a slave, I sat here and was useless. At least I tried cleaning the bookshelf and re-organizing it. I’m bad at cleaning. I gave up halfway through and went out for some fried chicken.

After I ate chicken, it was my girlfriend’s first Friday from being a godínez (office worker) so she wanted to go out to celebrate. I started walking towards the bank because I’m broke and the storm started. Heavy heavy storm. So I decided against the ATM and stayed at Vooodoo Stu’s drinking beer, killing the hours till my girlfriend got off work.

I went to pick her up in an Uber. The most expensive Uber I have ordered in Tijuana. Rates were three times the normal. This and the heavy rain put me in an even more sour mood. But at least I was going to see her.

Traffic. Expensive Uber. Rain. I got impatient. And got out of the Uber towards the restaurant. I thought I was lost. I started to get even in a worse mood, but suddenly, we were there.

She wanted octopus. So I took her to an octopus taco place. A fancy one. My upstairs neighbors work in this place. And I reviewed it for the Reader. It’s an expensive place (for my broke ass), so I was hoping a discount. Didn’t get such :(

But I was happy. My girl is way too beautiful for me. And she ate all the salsas again. And the Rockefeller Oysters in this place are delicious. Actually… after that oyster, I calmed down. Anger and sourness left me. I was with my girl. I gave her a flower. More like I threw towards her direction. She knew I was in a sour mood. But it got better because I was by her side and because delicious oysters.

I just remember I took some pictures with my iPhone.


Those are them oysters. Non-edited pics and with very low effort of pic taking. I actually wouldn’t have remember to take pics if she didn’t say “aren’t you going to take pictures?!” Again, very good oysters.


That is a salmon taco. It looks like dessert and it does taste like it a bit. But it’s a very good salmon taco. Very unique. Could have been better for me without that much sweetness. 5/7 will eat again.

We came home again in a very expensive Uber. It wasn’t as bad as the first one, but it was still double the regular price. And I had a small surprise for her. I downloaded the movie Coherence from the pirate bay (sorry movie, I didn’t find it anywhere else). It’s funny that I used to pirate the fuck out of everything back in the early internet days, now I feel weird about it. Just charge me $1-5 or so and I will pay to download it. But I didn’t see that choice.


She has seen it many times. Apparently one of her favorite movies.

I liked it a lot. I just missed a lot of the dialogue because the pirated version had really low audio. So I had to ask her a million questions of what was going on throughout. It reminded me of my dad how he asks questions in movies. Gross. I don’t want to be like that.

It is a good movie. I never saw any of the actors in person, which is always a plus. The acting was pretty decent as well. And the narrative is quite good. Mystery/thriller/scary with multiple dimensions and it gets a bit confusing. The only thing I didn’t like, which happens in a lot of movies that deals with multiple dimensions, is that there are a lot of loopholes. Loopholes everywhere! And it ends in a loophole! Oh well… what can you do about it. I would re-watch the movie just to hear again the audio that I missed. And again, because it was actually quite good. Only two actors took me out of the movie and made it seem like I was watching a soap opera.

This morning I slept way more than usual. She has to go to work even on Saturdays, so she left the house early and let me sleep. At least is half a day only. She’s almost out of the office. I still haven’t done push-ups, shower, breakfast, or anything. It’s Saturday though. I don’t plan on doing much, just to be with her.

Woke up to several emails. The nicest one of a stranger that has following my writing (in the Reader) and wants me to cover a story he is involved. It is a landlord/slumlord story. I’ve gotten this kind of email before. And it really depends on my editor. I already kinda know he is not going to go for it…. But let’s see what happens.

Gallos Blancos play today. That’s uhh… the only thing I want to do today…?

I’m not sure. Today carries the same connotation as yesterday. Just a “bleh” of a day. I’m sure she will change that.

Again. It’s really weird that I write almost 1,000 words of non-sense every morning. But I have too. In a very weird way…. I just have too.

I just smiled because it’s almost 1 pm and she gets off work. I have no idea what to do today, but I’ll see her soon and then we’ll figure it out.

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