Not Much To Do But Wait – Pokémon Go Gen 2 – Shit Weather, Lights Out!

Holy shit!

I’m so behind the Pokémon Go craze that I just realized I’m not behind at all.

Okay. What?

Nerd talk.

This is what happened. I could never play PoGo since its release because I only had a shitty iPad and it would crash. Now that I have my iPhone SE the game runs, and it runs smoothly and everywhere.

But of course it’s been more than a year since that fucking game came out, so I should be WAY behind the trend… right?


Apparently Gen 2 just came out and it basically seems like I’m even. I mean. I don’t have all the gen 1 stuff. But I’m bright and early for gen 2! What the fuck does this mean?


I just don’t have much to do today, but wait…

Here are some screen caps of silly Pokémon showing up in random places.


I’m not just waiting here like a pathetic puppy waiting for his girlfriend to get back home work.

Well… kinda.

I work faster when I have a reason to work. And because I’ve been working while she’s at work, I finished things that I said I would finish forever ago though it was going to take me weeks but I did them fast because I concentrated.

Get it? No? You don’t get my word vomit run-on sentences?

That’s fine. I write this shit for myself.

On Wednesday I sent 4,180 words. I’m waiting on that to get accepted (hopefully)

Yesterday I sent around 800 words for another section to another editor. I’m waiting on that to get accepted (hopefully).

And now it’s Friday.

There’s not much to do but wait to get accepted (hopefully…).


I want to take pictures. I would do more work if it involved camera work. I’m good at it and it’s fun. I should get more photography gigs.

Who can I paparazzi in San Diego?! Bob Saget!? And with no car?!


The weather is supposed to be extremely shitty for the weekend.

My balcony windows are shaking. It’s windy as fuck.

Well… that ruins my plans to go walk around and play PoGo!

Am I getting better… ???

I mean… in my writing….

People seem to think so. Not in my blog. Though some do mention they like my blog. This is a really really silly blog.

I meant on the things I actually sent to actual editors and get printed on actual paper.

My crickets story got published on Wednesday as well. It’s a fun little story about crickets as food and the street vendors that popped out of nowhere here in Tijuana.


Or don’t.

It’s fine.

The 4,180 story took me a while. I think I am getting better. My favorite piece is still the one about the Haitian chicken and Charles Mingus.

I should thank Chad more often than I do. I don’t think I would be any good if it wasn’t for him. And the editors. Editors know what is up. I mean, editor told me to read Joseph Mitchell’s Up in the Old Hotel and I have been doing it. It’s very long. But I get the style. And I like it. It’s very enjoyable to write like that. It’s also enjoyable to read stuff like that.

An old and very loved editor for the Reader who passed long ago and I never get to meet said: “writing is like a muscle, you have to train it everyday.” Not verbatim. It was something like that. Point is… after I read that, I decided on the daily blog posts. The word vomit.

I enjoy it.

Lights out!

Electricity already went out twice this morning while writing this.

Shit weather. Shit storm. Shitnado. Coming. – Jim Lahey.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. In reality I do have shit to do. Storm looks intriguing. If there’s some lightning I’m definitely going to try to shoot that.

But things I must do besides wait wait wait wait.

And I’m kinda nervous because I feel like they might reject reject reject while I wait wait wait.

Go do some more laundry and buy more cleaning materials. That sounds like sad puppy stuff :(

I need to query. Twice. Long stories. Short stories. Food stories. News stories.

I should get back to writing about food. It’s some extra cash for some extra effort…

I am doing an online appointment to get my license back right meow.

AND Tijuana Adventure.

Hey! I have a tour on March 4th. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I also uploaded a few pics of one of the last tours and they did really well in social media. Maybe I should pay for the sponsor thing. Maybe I should really make a poster so I can go place it in tap rooms/bars in San Diego. Tijuana Adventure should grow way more. This weather is not very inspiring.

I feel stuck.

Stuck waiting.

Because I need to query. But don’t want too until reply.

Freelance writing is complicated.

Haven’t mentioned much of her, haven’t mentioned much of Trump. To be honest, is because I feel a little numb.

Wait wait wait.

The waiting game again. That’s what my day looks like.

Things are still lovely between us (at least from my end). She gets off work late. I was already drinking beer when I met up with her and took her to eat tacos. Then we got some nice craft beers and came home.

Before bed, she asked for a concert. Nerdself got excited to show her my favorite song of all times by one of the best performers of all time.

So I obviously played this video!

Hah. Good job if you fell for that.

It’s actually Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky performed by Jorge Caballero.

Yes. That’s my favorite song of all times. I am pretty sure I mentioned it here in a previous entry.

There are many other favorite songs in many different styles. But it is my dream to learn this piece. It would take me 2 years of doing nothing but practicing this piece. So yeah… that’s going to be a while.

There. I just setup a DMV appointment for March 1st at noon. For some reason, I’m already nervous. And at the same time, I should be excited. After 5 years of not having a license, I am getting my license! I want to drive!

I need to make money.

Right now I wait…

Wait. Wait.

Push-ups. Coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Wait. Get impatient. Do some work or laundry. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Lights went out again when I was about to hit publish.

It’s going to be a weird weekend.

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