This Is Us – Settling into Routine – Roommate Offended a Snowflake, Crickets Published

This is us:


  • Picture by Reader Andy at KoMe (Korean Tacos)

I like us. She makes me happy.

Yep. Believe it or not. That’s my happy face.

My Valentines’ gift for her was a fail. She told me she couldn’t find her headphones. She never told me that she found them after all. So I bought her headphones. I bought myself some headphones as well. So we have the same headphones. Though she didn’t need headphones.

Her first day of work was heavy. Her second day… well she’s on her way.

Day outside is foggy as fuck. Can’t even see the border.

I won’t see her until way later tonight.

And so we fall in routine.

This blog will get dull.

She goes to work. I work from home. We see each other at night for dinner, a beer, then Netflix and bed.

Rinse. Repeat.

Until the weekend.

That’s what we did yesterday. I met her at 7ish pm where we met for the first time (at Praga Cafe). We went to go get tacos and beer. Then home, Netflix, and sleep very early.

She fell asleep while watching Michael Bolton’s Valentines Special. She didn’t really want to watch it. And … well.. it was pretty fucking bad. So I’m glad she missed it. It had cute moments. But it was overall just a “bleh” waste of time. Good attempt. I like the new Michael Bolton playing with comedy and making fun of his 90s self. It could have been way better. It was packed with celebrities. The jokes were just… bleh. Could have been so much better.

I stayed up a bit longer and watch some Rick & Morty after the special. And thought about how incredibly lucky I am.

Also. I downloaded Pokemon Go. Yep. New iPhone runs it perfectly. WAY WAY WAY after everyone stopped playing except Andy, I started playing. I wanted to when it came out, but my iPad would crash when running it. iPhone SE is pretty amazeballs.

She got an iPhone 6s from work. She doesn’t know how to use it because she is used to Windows. That’s going to be an adjustment. iPhones are awesome though.

My Reddit cake day went well enough.

Posted in /r/Mexico for a total of 393 arrivotos (upvotes) out of 437 votes (95% liked it) and 50+ comments. It is still my cake day for a few more hours.

I didn’t try that hard. Posted in /r/pics but it got nowhere. Getting upvotes in Reddit with quality OC is not an easy task.


I just noticed I got published!

My crickets story!

My roommate offended a snowflake.

One of my favorite things on Wednesday when the Reader comes out, is to read the Letters people send. I am rarely mentioned. But I like to see what people have to say.


Someone got offended by Chad’s slight mention about Trump. His article barely even mentions Trump. But this snowflake got so offended that he suggested he moves to Russia or to Canada….

I mean… seriously. Read the article. He barely even glosses Trump!

Snowflakes get so offended if you call Trump an Orange Hitler. But they had no issues calling Obama a muslim Hitler over and over.

Ohhhh snowflakes.

It’s still really odd to wake up to a world where people believe what Trump says. I still don’t get it. I have no idea how they are managing their delusions. And they strongly believe we are the ones deluded with fake news. FALSE. FAKE.


I read that letter again. It has to be a fake troll. There is no way someone thinks like that. Again. The article had nothing to do with Trump. He just mentioned Orange Hitler as part of the end of 2016 amidst a lot of other shit that happened that year. The article is about his birthday at the end of last year. About how him and his girlfriend stayed in an AirBNB near Joshua Tree to forget about civilization. I still don’t get how that snowflake got so offended over just one sentence that wasn’t even the point of the article.

Ohhhh you snowflakes.

It’s very early. She hasn’t even started to work. I’m done for now with this blog. Got to finish the story. 3,356 words done. Three more interviews to add. Edit edit edit edit. And send!

Push-ups. Bucket shower. Breakfast. Emails. Work work work work.

Until she gets off work and we spend the little time we have left together before falling back into the routine.


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