First Night Without Her and Disagreements – Jobs! Work! Monday! – Ryan Gosling

She’s at a job interview right now. Then she should be on her way back to me.

It’s the longest we spent apart since we met. Just one night.

I got so used to her. To us. That now is odd for her not to be around. And I overslept. By a lot.

Bisho took her place in bed. Hey. I love my cat. But I prefer her by a lot.

I slept all over the place. And woke up several times in the morning. Just to be like… wait… have I been dreaming for the past week or so?!

Nah. My room is extremely clean.

I don’t even remember what it used to be like. Well… it was very dirty. But I ignored the fuck out of it.

Sunday was great.

Not only is my blog infested with cheesiness. Now my Instagram story line is too. First video story I uploaded yesterday is of 20+ sterilized kitties at some station. Then we walked to Teléfonica for breakfast at around 2 pm. Beer she says?! Beer we drink :D

She got the octopus burger from Máquina 65. In fact, she woke up saying she wanted octopus for breakfast.


I had the massive hot dog from Humo. I got the Greek, which is the smallest of them, but yep.

For beers, I got her the Lupulosa from Insurgente and I got the Lycan Lupus by Fauna. Both in my top 5 IPAs of Baja. She liked hers best (and for good reason).

Then more beers. Supermash from Lúdica in their taproom.

Some snapchatting while drinking, because we are the obnoxious fucking couple at the bar. Sorry everyone that has to presence our gross displays of affection. We can’t help it.


I still don’t understand how to use Snapchat. But I enjoy the face swaps and all the other silly selfie shit they add on that app. Technology is amazing. Uhh… and yes. The iPhone SE is still awesome. I mean… that burger pic is pretty good for a phone. Usable. Very usable. Videos also look great.

Then one beer at my favorite dive bar on our way home. Then I had beers waiting for us at home. Wendlandt beers. Who also have an IPA that is in my top 5 (Perro del Mar). Their collaboration with Minerva was okay. Their pale ale is very delicious.

And at home… we discussed over youtube videos. I’m sorry. I’m not a huge fan of Sam Harris. She is. But even our discussions I like. Because they have meaning. They are not like past experiences. When discussions were about nothing. I mean… they are still about nothing. But they are intriguing. And smart. We argue about this silliness. Because we are obviously not going to agree in fucking everything. I find joy in the disagreements.

I find joy in every second I spend with her.

I ordered a couple of pizzas.

Again. We disagreed because she said the 5-cheese pizza sounded bad. I ordered it anyway. And she liked it :D HAH!

Well… it was half 5-cheese, half mushrooms+brie, and then another whole one of shrimp enchilados. There’s still a lot of pizza in the fridge and I haven’t had breakfast.

It’s already late morning. I slept a lot.

Her job interview should be done soon. I hope it went great. Otherwise she is going to be stressed.

I’m looking for jobs as well. But everything was going okay with me.

Like always.

Work work work work. I mention it and don’t do it.

I already did some this morning. Query got semi-accepted. I’ll work on it. But first got to finish the cover/feature story. And also finding a new place for the rejected piece. I’m thinking a San Francisco online mag that already used my pictures (thanks to Cat). Just need to edit to fit their standards. Contact the editor. Pitch the story. And send!

If they like me and they want more border stuff… then that means more work!

Tony Tee of AlgoBien tours, and dude that was in charge of showing Anthony Bourdain around, hooked it up this morning sending me some of his clients because he will be out of town.

Work on Tijuana Adventure is also something I should work on a lot. It used to be my side-gig for fun. I mean… still is. But there’s a lot of money in showing people Tijuana and my knowledge of it. And love for it as well.

It’s Monday!

Our honeymoon is calming down. I mean… in the sense we both have to work and we can’t just spend all day with each other eating and drinking out….

Monday means work! And look for jobs.

I hope the interview went well….

It’s also celebrity Monday.

And almost Valentine’s Day!

And I have to take her to La La Land soon. Not have to. I want too!

But maybe not tomorrow. Maybe it will be better today. Movie theater is going to be stupid packed tomorrow.

My choice of celebrity Monday is obvious. Something for the ladies.

Ryan Gosling

Amm… I still have to look for, choose, and edit pics. I’m not plugging in my hard-drive.

Oh fuck. I have too.

Without plugging it in, I have 4 folders of him. But not of the best shoots. The best had to be before 2010. I hope the pictures aren’t lost. It was one of my best sets outside of LAX and the only shoot I remember well with Ryan Gosling.

Yep. There it is.

8-05-09-gosling-jj 8-05-09-ryan-gosling-people 8-05-09-ryan-gosling-popsugar

This picture was EVERYWHERE! And I remember the day exactly how it happened.

I went to Silver Lake because Zachary Quinto lived in a nice hill and he was super easy to shoot back then. And a nice guy in general. I also liked hanging around Silver Lake.

Shit… this post is going to get long.

Anyway. Silver Lake houses one of my favorite coffee shops. After a few hours of waiting for Quinto, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen. To the coffee shop I go. Intelligentsia!!! Such a fucking good coffee shop.


Because I was in line waiting to order my coffee… And who the fuck decides to stand behind me in line?!?!!

Ryan mother fucking Gosling.

Oh shit. Work time. Ryan mother fucking Gosling is behind me.

I kept calm. Ordered my coffee. Rushed towards my car for my long lens. Hid behind a car. And started shooting the mother fucker.

When he caught me… he was cool at first. I was being a sneaky bastard, so that wasn’t helpful. It was her friends that gave me a “sigh” of disgust. Like they weren’t enjoying their 5 seconds of fame.

The Silver Lake conservatory of music was next to Intelligentsia. That’s where I started shooting and they got annoyed. He was there to get the children’s chorus for his shitty indy rock band. I saw him live later that year at FYF fest. They were alright but unnecessarily stupid. Costumes that had nothing to do. A chorus that was overkill. And just… well.. not original. But hey! Gosling is in the band so it must be great huh?!

Babe just came home. She’s stressed out. So I’ll talk about this later.

Gosling pics!!!

Pictures are from August 5, 2009.

The moment they were like WTF?!

Chick was like “RYAN!!! COME ON IN!” But he was cool and was like… relax. It’s just a dude with a camera. And held the door open for everyone. Cool dude.

Hah! I’m on the reflection. Just noticed that today.

He was in there for a couple of hours. I went around with my car and parked in front of his motorcycle and hid in the back seat. My car was a GTI back then. And the previous paparazzo had cut little windows on the tinted windows. It was so fucking obvious. But it worked.

Ryan got on his motorcycle and looked around looking for me. Gave me a perfect opportunity to just snap snap snap. Them pictures were everywhere.

I tried following him, but following motorbikes is pointless. By the third red light he had already went through traffic and lost me.

I have way more pics of Gosling. All of them at LAX.

But the set above was the best set I got of him.

That’s me forever ago being a creep behind him.

There’s more folders.

But this is enough.

Pizza for breakfast. Need to shower. Got to help her. I have to work.


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