Because We Love You (Fest) – Hipster Saturday – Work Reject Work

I promise there will be no much cheese on this post.

Just this.

She brought me a sandwich with chipotle sauce, beans, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. It was good and spicy (sooooo good and spicy). All it was missing (for me) was some chicken. Chipotle love.

Her cooking is an absolute amazing surprise. You know. When you meet someone and you already think they are great and they can’t get any better. She surprises me more. Jackpot. Beautiful smart girlfriend that is also a magnificent chef. Mother fucking jackpot.

Roommate and his girlfriend came home. His girlfriend is now friends with my girlfriend.

I have a girlfriend.


Hum… What am I writing?!

Girlfriend is meeting my friends. I took her to Because We Love You Fest. And I also took some pictures.

Here are the pictures.

We got tired and didn’t stay too long. But long enough for her to travel back in time and call Tijuana the birthplace of hipsterism.


Tijuana is a hipster paradise.

That was my old WiFi name.

I got some chicken from Voodoo Stu to go and did something that he would hate.

I made chicken tacos with tortillas from Tacos el Rey and used the chipotle sauce that she made.

I eat that chicken so often that the new way I ate it made it SOOOO fucking good.

We went back to the festival and I annoyed people with my flash.

This is when she went back in time. Her face of “what is going on” was hilarious as people from LA and other parts of California performed in an odd small space called Caja Fuerte in the middle of Pasaje Rodriguez, an alley in the heart of downtown Tijuana that some people still haven’t figured out that hipster weirdness happens in there to almost a Portlandia-like level.  That was a lovely run-on sentence.

Her friend/roommate the one that brought her to Tijuana was in the preppy hipster realm. Cine Tonalá. We were close to there, but when we were headed that way, they went to Plaza Fiesta. She hasn’t told her friend about this blog either. But I want to thank her for convincing her to come to Tijuana, otherwise we would have never met. And this dopamine tale would have never happened. And I would still be spewing my everyday random thoughts in life and stupidity.

Actually. Right now I would still be in Mérida.

I wonder in that other parallel universe what my Mérida-self would have been doing…

I queried some stories. They weren’t newsy enough. Apparently they are better as features or City Lights. The part of the paper that pays me more. So I will pitch them again. After I finish the story I’ve been working on for months.

And by working for months. I mean. Pushing it off to the side until I have the balls to actually write something long. I didn’t work on it much yesterday. 300 words added. Some ideas added. And edits. There has to be tons and tons of edits for this story. I’m nervous about it. I hate getting rejected.

More jobs. Work. Rejections. Work. I need to knock on more doors. Write more. Write so much more.

This was one of my favorite pics.


I was going to post some more. But nahhhhhh.

I just need one as a feature image in this post. Other favorites will be on my Instagram.

I edited my favorite ones on my new iPhone SE (which btw… I’m still loving the fuck out of it. Battery lasts forever. It is insanely fast between apps. The screen is crystal clear. Shit is magic like the commercials say… and it’s not even 7).

The idea is that I post in my personal IG from my iPhone, and will be posting Tijuana Adventure stuff from the iPad. But now I’m starting to think it will be better the other way around.

Anyone know a good social media organizer app…?!

I’m supposed to meet with the documentary film makers today. But Sundays aren’t my best days. I’m usually the laziest on Sundays. The end of the week. A full week with her. Where I barely worked… and the work I did got rejected. Fuck.

We are going to be broke soon…

She has a job interview tomorrow.

And I have to be on my computer all day. Writing. Fixing. Editing. Looking for other sources. Looking for clients. Looking for Reddit Karma.


And then Valentine’s.


Neither of us care.

But I never had a girlfriend on that day. Maybe we should be the anti-cheese that day.

Because she has a job interview in the morning, she won’t stay here tonight :(


Lazy Sunday.

And a heavy work week starts tomorrow. Hopefully for both of us. She wants that job. More like she needs it. As for me… I need to work more as well.

I should write a book.


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