Clean New Apartment and Life – One Week of Cheesy Love – Fiction… !?

It’s been one week since I met her. We’ve been together ever since, except for a good 6-10 hours when we weren’t.

The apartment is the cleanest it has been since I moved here.  She makes me a better person. Neighbor hooked it up with his cleaning lady and the vacuum (thanks David!). It wasn’t enough for her. We woke up together, but she sleeps less than me, so I fell back asleep. When I woke up, Bisho was in his usual position on top of my chest and not her. She was cleaning the kitchen. It was very clean for my standards, but not for hers… But anything for her. It’s so clean around here I feel weird. She’s comfortable. That’s what matters.

She loves to cook. And I’m so excited for her cooking. I had but a small taste yesterday. Rajas with mushrooms in a carrot sauce with beans. It was delicious :) and I’m not only saying that because she made it. It truly was.

Fuck. Now I’m hungry.

Hey all her friends!

Hola a todas!

She has friends all over the world. She has told them about us. I have the blog to tell anyone and everyone. Which is a tad weird. So she tells them about me via text, and sometimes sends them my blog (depends on which friend and what part of the world). I’m memorizing her friends. And I want to meet them in a weird way. Though I feel some pressure, I don’t care… Who is this stranger that suddenly she spends all her time with…?!

None of her friends believe this cheesy dopamine story. “You are going way too fast! You are crazy!” They warn her.

Trust me. Trust us. We know. We fucking know. We just can’t help it.

She just left in an Uber.

Yesterday was another perfect day in this cheesy romantic comedy that was suddenly instilled in my life.

None of my friends believe it either. They think it’s fiction.

Is it….?

It kinda feels like it is.

We went to Playas at around noon to meet with some documentary film makers that are doing something border related. They wanted to meet with me for… ummm… I’m still not sure what. They found me because they read my latest article on the Reader about the border fence We talked to them for a while. Then we let them do their thing for a while.

They are interested in interviewing me tomorrow to talk about the city, the border, and what not.

While we were down at the beach, looking at the new shitty fence they installed, I kicked it jokingly. Border Patrol can’t do shit when you are south of the border. It’s silly. The border wall is so useless.

Anyway… a few seconds after I kicked it, three border patrol agents in four wheeled motorbikes rushed towards us in a scary fashion. They asked us what we were doing, before we could reply, they saw that I had a camera and they said “Oh, and interview, sorry, carry on.” And drove away…


The border is so fucking dumb.


That’s her on the left. And the documentary film guys Max and Jeremy from San Diego.

I also took a picture of her without her realizing it. Paparazzi pics. What I do best. She looks lovely. She might upload it on her Facebook later. But it was a bit too much to put it in this blog. She makes me happy :)

Max and Jeremy knew who my roommate was. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing them again soon besides this Sunday for the interview. I’m still not sure what they want from me…. and I’m horrible in front of the camera. But let’s see what happens.

After the beach, we rushed back home to help the cleaning lady clean the house. Well… more like she helped her. I went back to work. I have 2,223 words so far. I need to finish this by Monday or Tuesday. I’m liking it. It’s a tad long. But it’s a subject that everyone obsesses about and I don’t touch politics at all. Just reality. Let’s hope the editor likes it.

Other editor rejected a piece I wrote. So I queried him some fresh stuff for next week. Back to work.

Around 5-6 pm, my mind was fried. Couldn’t write anymore. I actually have to read what I wrote yesterday. I was in a way, in autopilot. She read the draft and liked it.

Got distracted. So many grammar mistakes. But so far so good.

Need to write around 7 more paragraphs or so, then edit the fuck out of it. Those 7 entries should be a piece of cake though.

We went to eat Voodoo Stu’s around 7ish. Delicious cajun fish southern style, but not spicy enough for her. Today is fried chicken. For me… She doesn’t eat meat (just seafood).

And we drank a couple of beers. One at Stu’s, another one at Mamut, and another one at home while watching a movie.

Again… she beat me at drinking.

Slightly. But she drinks faster than me and doesn’t get phased by it at all.

I admire this in a woman. I admire everything about her.

…. except maybe her choice in movies!!!

I’m kidding love.

But yep. We discuss what to watch in a very couple-like way. I think our best choice is to alternate nights. I mean… we have very similar tastes. We both love stand-up. We both like intriguing life facts and being /r/iamverysmart. But at night time I want to watch stupid silly shit so my brain can relax, she wants to keep on thinking and watch other stuff… or Sci-fi. So she chose a sci-fi movie Netflix original called “Spectral.”

It was like all the war movies combined mixed with the enemies on the Final Fantasy movie (ghosts). I found it silly. I mean. That’s what movies are. So I couldn’t help myself but say stupid shit throughout the movie. I worried I was pissing her off with my comments. But then she started saying silly stuff too. And we laughed and laughed at what was a serious movie.

Today there’s a music festival called “Because We Love You Fest.” It’s a very very long show of very weird performances. Let’s see how it goes and what she thinks of it. I’ll be taking my camera, so I’ll have a bunch of pictures to upload tomorrow.

Also. Gallos Blancos vs León. Yep. I’m mentioning Mexican fútbol soccer out of nowhere. Hoping Gallos fucking does something and wins this game. I hope she doesn’t hate me because I must (yes. Must) watch a soccer game every once in a while. It’s usually only Gallos…. so yeah. But SPORTS. I am a dude that watches SPORTS.

At least no politics or Trump in this post.

Coffee. Breakfast. Push-ups. Shower. Work. And she should be back soon. Festival starts very early. I woke up late.

Oh well. It’s Saturday. And it shall be another perfect day in the cheesy romcom lifestyle that I am suddenly a part of.

Long deep sigh.

A Tijuana dopamine story.

Funny. She’s from Cadereyta (by Monterrey, Nuevo León). I’m from Querétaro.

And we meet in Tijuana. At the border. At the edge of the United States. Where I can cross, but she’s not allowed to do so…

It’s so weird where this experiment of a daily journal blog has gone….


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