The Last Swipe – Deleting my Bachelor Life – Work Work Work (for Her, for Us)

Yesterday was the first day since we met that we spend more than 5 hours apart. IT WAS TORTURE.

I’m kidding. It wasn’t bad at all and it’s not like we can’t be apart. I did think of her all the time. I walked around downtown. Paid the internet bill. And wander some more. Then we saw each other again and we went to my brother’s/sister-in-law’s house. Yep. That quick she’s meeting family.

In the time by myself… I just did things that I would do for her. Shit. According to myself I was not going to write cheesy romantic stuff anymore but here I go again.

I cleaned my room. Not completely, but made some progress. There’s much more to clean. (I also divided some of  my closet in the fantasy that she would live with me….)

I worked. It took me a while to get it going. But the ball started rolling and can’t be stop now. Let us hope that they accept the article. I have 1,500 words done. I’m going to double that. Maybe a bit more. Then edit edit edit. Have people read it. Edit edit edit. And send.

And maybe some more interviewing.

Fuck. It’s a lot of work. And work that I haven’t been doing.

The article I sent got rejected. :( So that gets a sad emoticon.

An important thing I did for her yesterday.

Well… it’s silly. Very silly.

I deleted my bachelor life. Not in its entirety. Some of it will just fade away. Girls who I was hitting on and we had dates (or drinking) planned or something. Those will just fade away. It’s not like I can message one by one and be like “HEY SORRY, I FELL IN LOVE.” That would be weird. More like if they message me, I’ll turn them down. And I don’t hunt for anyone anymore. All I need is her.

So cheesy.

What I did that I haven’t really done… I deleted online dating profiles, which I was in several apps/webpages. I wasn’t very active in any of them. Barely had any Tinder matches. Bumble didn’t work. POF was always just a joke.

I got rid of them with certainty.

I don’t need that crap anymore.

Not to diss my ex, but sadly enough, when we started dating, I deactivated the account. Not fully on deleted it. I was just never certain. And we barely saw each other. If lucky, we would see each other once a week for a few hours. That wasn’t a relationship. It was a high school feel relationship. We weren’t compatible really. It was purely physical attraction.

Of course before getting rid of the apps… I had one last swipe. Yep, yep, yep, nope, yep, nope, nope, nope, yep! Purely based in attraction. In silly things. But I had nothing to do with any of these girls. I had like a baker’s dozen of matches. I wasn’t really talking to any of them except to this black girl who “modeled” but was a butterface. We had nothing in common. She was much younger and into EDM. What the fuck was I doing?

I’m so happy I met her.

And yes. We did meet online.

And no. It’s not like you imagine. It wasn’t on a dating site, it was couchsurfing. So neither of us had romantic intents. Well… at least I didn’t. I just wanted a free beer. And yes, she looked cute, so why not. Who knew I would be spending my next 6 days in a row with her by my side.

Bachelor life over. Cheesy romantic life on.

Don’t worry. This blog can’t go on like a Philly cheese sandwich without the meat. There will be some content soon. Not just cheese.

I have much work to do.

I always say this. Always always always always say this. But now I mean it.

In fact, I forgot I never put up Luba’s full photoshoot.

I should get more work as a photographer. Should should should. Will. I will get more jobs as a photographer.

That’s how that day was (Sunday). We ate at Teléfonica, then we did a photoshoot with a lowrider, back to Pedro’s house. Then me and her went to watch the Super Bowl. That shitty shitty Super Bowl.

My mind wasn’t in work mode. If it was, I should have interviewed the owner of that lowrider. I bet he has interesting stories. Well… he had. We talked and he told me a lot of his lowrider. But I should have asked his name, age, and details DETAILS details. Finding the lowrider was also an adventure.


That guy on the left. He was chill. He helped us so much with the shoot. He was happy for the attention. That truck jumped awesomely.

I pitched that story. If it gets accepted I have a mission this weekend.

I also have a mission today.

Some documentary/film makers contacted me on my Facebook like page. I’m meeting them in a few hours in Playami today. I’m not sure what they want from me. But they mentioned my articles and that they wanted to talk to me. Let’s see what happens, but if it’s a money making opportunity, even better. Yes. I’m going with her.

I have way more missions. Missions. Work. Same thing. Then I never do anything. But it’s different. I don’t work for myself anymore. I don’t work so I can just drink beer, feed my cat, eat fancy food, and have no life by myself. I work for us. Because I like buying her things. You know. Like diamond rings (I’m kidding again, just wanted to rhyme, I mean… maybe in the future, still, I believe we rather spend our money in travels).

Anyway. That other mission is really legitimizing or making Tijuana Adventure way better.

I haven’t posted in the blog. And I have really good pictures. And Danny Boy’s story I just published here and not there.

I mean… look at this fun adventure!

ARGHH I don’t know why the first image looks shitty like that. But anyway. It was a really good fun adventure.

Then there were the South Africans I talked about. No pictures. But that shit was cray cray.

And this one:

All help me publicize Tijuana Adventure. I can make the page way better. Set a monthly public tour for 5-10 people with e-tickets. I have to setup the e-tickets. Organize the page. It even has an Instagram account that hasn’t been touched in months. I need to do that for my own business. Tijuana Adventure has been growing by itself just from word of mouth and people recommending me (and people from Reddit). So I know I could have more tours. At least one a week. And one big one per month.

Point being. I have a lot of work and I shouldn’t just be word vomiting this much.

My last few posts have been way over 1,000 words.

She’s still by my side.

I woke up with this song in my head.

Except not Martha, but her name. And hey. We woke up after dawn. Now we are both working.

Except, this blog is not work.

Except. Except.

She sent me a corny video (though she is beside me). And I got the feelz.

Lol. Silly February 14th.

The only thing I really cared about the date is that is my Reddit cake day. I’ll get away with shit posting and making it to the front page… maybe? I should plan accordingly. Goddammit Reddit.

Coffee. Kiss her. Breakfast. Kiss her. Shower. Kiss her. Work. Kiss her.

Can’t stop feeling happy. It’s beyond that.

So much dopamine.

I’ve never felt like this before.

I’m really excited to try her food.

She cooks :)

And from the sounds of it. She’s amazing.

I got so lucky.

So fucking lucky.




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