Early Photoshoot and New Number – Mérida Confirmed – A Thousand Selfies and The Great Wall

I was booked for an early photoshoot at one of my favorite breweries. I trade pictures for beer. 10 beers to be precise. Which is less than $50. And I shouldn’t be doing anything for less than $50. But the brewer has become a friend, and everyone in the brewery feels like family. Plus, hey! Beer!

More than 50 people from UCSD (mostly older folks) came to beer sample and what not. All of them took a billion pictures. So for the most part, I took pictures of people taking pictures. The pictures belong to the owner of the brewery (Carlos Macklis) because he pays me, but it’s my credit and my pictures! NY mag taking my pics…

I’m just going to share a couple of my favorite pics of people taking pics. The rest of the album will be uploaded in Norte’s Facebook at Carlos’ discretion. I sent him 83 pics of 300 I took…

A rare double pic of people taking pics!

And another pic of two people taking pics!

Food smelled so good…

This one was my favorite.

Event ended at around 2 pm. I drank an early beer because I got thirsty.

My phone wasn’t getting any service. My new fucking phone!!

So after the shoot, I went to fix that. Though I was meeting with my friend to go to the airport to change the name on the ticket.

I ran back and forth and back and forth. I finally met up with her, then we went to run some errands (her to the bank, me to fix my phone).


Not like it matters. Not that many people even had my number before. I also switched carriers. I talked to Movistar for a while and their SIM cards weren’t working on the iPhone. I tried an AT&T SIM card and it worked. Movistar wasn’t being very helpful with my situation, so fuck them. Switched to AT&T just liked that. So my number is no longer 664-349-6011.



It’s so easy to memorize. 47 = my Minnesotan best friend’s favorite number. Then 1 16 16.

AT&T seems fine for now. Same price as Movistar, a little bit more benefits. Let’s just see how it works outside of Tijuana. Especially in Mérida. And in San Diego as well.

After that, we went to eat at Voodoo Stu’s. Fried chicken! Friend said she wasn’t hungry, but still ate some of my chicken. And she proceeded to take selfies… a lot of selfies. Selfies with me, selfies by herself, pictures of everything! A glimpse into the mind of a smartphone owner that uses it for everything. And I am headed in that direction with Snapchat + IG stories I started to shit post all over.

And just like that, she posted 14 selfies of us together.


A selfie waiting for chicken.


A picture of surprised Stu.


More selfies while waiting for chicken!


And even more!

She has a boyfriend. And I’m not interested. So… yeah. Don’t read much into it. Though we did act like a couple for the day.

We went to the airport on public transit. Changed the ticket name from her boyfriend’s to mine. AND BAM!

I’m confirmed Mérida bound! Or more like we are! She’s a scurdy cat. So I need to help her with everything…


A selfie on the bus back from the airport.

And because she gave me a free ticket, I invited her to the movies.


Yep. A selfie in the movies as well.


And a picture of our feet and legs!

We watched The Great Wall with Matt Damon. She was loving the movie. For me… well it was just a movie. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. Dialogue was really predictable, same with what the movie was going to do. It didn’t even have much of a plot.

Matt Damon gets to the wall with a friend. Army captures them. Monsters fight army. He fights monsters and gains respect of the army. Army general is a cute chick, he falls for her, but at the same time he doesn’t (they never kissed or anything but he risked his life for her). Friend betrays him because they were there to loot, not to help army. Friend gets fucked over the betrayal. All hope is lost because monsters got through the city. Except you know, there’s always one big massive explosion that makes all the monsters go away. Success! Friend was captured but he was pardoned because Matt Damon killed all the monsters with the help with cute Asian chick.


I just saved you a movie.

I’ll give it this. Effects are cool. Monsters are okay looking. Seen better ones. But archery effects and basically the war stuff was pretty decent. Very LOTR in a sense. Music was similar to LOTR. Monsters were just… monsters though. And the order (the army)… it was called The Order of No Name. How fucking original is that?!

Guh. Now that I think about it, movie was barely okay. Friend was loving it though. Dialogue was super cheesy and the story had no real plot. Again. Visual and sound effects were pretty fucking cool. That’s about it.

During the movie I also wondered how Americans viewed this Great Wall as their possibility with Mexico. I’m pretty sure some of them think Mexicans are so desperate to come to America like them monsters. Hint. They are not.

Hah. Gotta sneak in a Trump reference no matter what…

Enough of shitting on that Matt Damon movie.

Okay. One more.

Every time Matt Damon had a dramatic entrance or whenever there was shot of just his face… I couldn’t help but say out loud like a retard “MATT DAMON” like the movie Team America: World Police.

^^^ That’s what I’m talking about if you have no idea (friend had no idea).


I should post my pics of Matt Damon next Monday if I remember or something.

After the movie, we went to Plaza Fiesta. More like I went to Plaza Fiesta. My friend doesn’t drink beer. So I drank beer and we chatted and then she ubered home.

I wanted more beer.

Damn you beer.

Why you so tasty?

I wanted that Sour IPA by Kaminari/Lúdica, but El Tigre bar WAS PACKED to the fucking brim. So fuck it, let’s go to Insurgente.

Lupulosas for 30 pesos! (That’s like $1.50)

Are you fucking kidding me! They are basically giving away one of their best beers. And … well they were giving it so cheap because they are celebrating that they won another award with that beer.

I only wanted one beer. But fuck it. I’ll have two. Though the place was crowded and I have no friends (except the bartenders, what a fucking alcoholic). I pounded them two beers. A dude I met forever ago was sitting at the bar. I knew he was a brewer, didn’t know he was working for Insurgente. Cool dude. Duva they call him. Not even sure of his real name. But Duva is a cool guy. He gave me a ride back to downtown.

I went to Nelson bar and again sat by myself because I have no friends. I wanted one more fucking shitty beer.

I shouldn’t have.

But fuck it. The music was awesome, I found a table near the jukebox, so I drank one last caguama before home.

Nothing happened that Friday.

AND I DIDN’T WORK like I said I would. I mean, besides the picture taking, I didn’t work. Hah! According to myself from a couple of posts ago, I was supposed to be done with the cover story I’m working on already. Nope. Still just sits there. And I started a different article. That one I should really finish today. But sigh. It’s Saturday and I don’t wanna work. And there’s soccer on TV and shit.

And I woke up kinda hungover and very early.

Remember I said I was sick?


Well… I’m still sick. I woke up worst and somewhat hungover. Just congested in general. My throat and my nose. I don’t feel that sick. It feels like a virus that got attached to my throat and my body is doing a great job of getting rid of it, but it’s still there. I really don’t feel bad. I just cough like a dog and when I blow my nose is that thick green snot. Super viscous green snot.



Gunna go eat some shrimp tacos.

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