COUGH! I Feel Sick – New iPhone and Snapchat – Photoshoot and Mérida!




I wake up with my nose clogged and coughing my lungs off to then spit out a gross phlegm from my throat.

I felt like I was going to get sick since Sunday, but it was never bad and I ignored it. It hit me yesterday after eating a burger. Suddenly I wanted to go home and sleep even though it was 5 pm.

I don’t feel horrible, but I am coughing like a dog. I am sick. This Friday won’t be a Friday for me. Especially because the last two days were kinda wasted on my happy dancing. Wednesday an article got accepted and I got paid. So I was too happy to work so I just happy danced.

Yesterday… well I went to go fix my phone. They were going to charge me 100 pesos ($5) to fix it. 20-30 minutes they said. I went back and they just looked at me like “yeah, your phone is dead.” To fix it would be 500 or more ($25). A phone that was free. And new is like $40… So fuck that. Phone is dead.

I needed a new phone.

I’ve been thinking about the iPhone WAY too much. And while doing more and more research, I concluded that the iPhone 6s or iPhone SE would be the best choice. Then I needed to decide if Amazon or just buy it at the FrikiPlaza which had similar prices but at the same time I have no idea where the phones have been.

Good shit that I have a friend there to hook me up.

Some dude had just sold the SE for 3000 pesos (that’s $150 usd…) But his buddy had another one selling for 5500 ($275). I went back home to check online prices and well… it was cheaper to get it from this dude than buying it on Amazon. Brought the price down to 5300 because I don’t need a charger and made the transaction.

I don’t know why I was so nervous. The dude formatted the phone in front of me (he was using it as his personal phone) and told me he wanted to keep it because it was his first iPhone, but that he is a phone salesman, so he had to sell it. I just hope it’s not stolen :/


I love this tiny phone.

That it’s an iPhone SE makes people think it’s just an iPhone 5 which looks cheaper, but in reality the SE is a 6 disguise as a 5. It’s pretty fucking small. Smaller than I wanted. Same thing happened when I bought my iPad. I wanted a regular iPad, ended up with a mini one and it felt way too small for me. Then I started loving it.

This phone, I loved it right away.

Camera is great.

Processor is way fast (so much faster than my iPad).

Keyboard is tiny, but I’m getting used to it.

It doesn’t want to read my fucking fingerprint, but I don’t care much about that.

I still don’t know how to use Snapchat but I opened an account and did this.


SC = Matingas_101 if anyone wants to follow and teach me how to use it or why to use this app.

It’s not the first time I use it. Well. Kinda.

I had a different account that I created to just receive some booty pics. Never used that account except for that that one time. And that was forever ago (couple of years). Never understood the Snapchat game because I was limited by my iPad (and it wouldn’t work on my old shite phone). But now I can Snapchat wherever and whenever! Anyone care to explain to me … why?!

Them filters are fun though. I already like using it because of the filters I’ve seen people using for the past couple of years and never used them myself. So yep… besides the rainbow puke, I played around with puppy ears, dear face, and flower crown filter and what not. I’m thinking I’m going to change my Tinder profile to just a bunch of stupid Snapchat pictures. Like how the girls have it.

SOOOOO HAPPY DANCE! I have an iPhone. Just looking at it makes me want to do my happy dance again.

A picture I took of Norte Brewing Co. made it to the New York Magazine. I didn’t get credit :(


Read the rest of the article, here!

And right after not getting my credit on the picture, the article talks about another tour guide who is not me. Great :/

It’s fine though. The picture in reality belongs to Norte Brewing (though my credit would be nice as well). The picture is for the Halloween event they tried to do. They had some decorations and what not, but the place still looked the same. So I had to get creative for this picture. There is a light under the bar that was a powerful fucking light. So we dimmed the lights in the place and had that placed under the bar. I had Pedro stand like you see him and it gave it this “Halloween/scary” feel to the menu. It was an okay picture. There are better pictures. I’m happy they used it.

In fact, I have a photoshoot at Norte in 1 hour and a half! My bucket shower is almost ready and then I am out of here!

I take pictures in exchange of beer ;)

Any other restaurants/brewers that need a photographer, I’m more than happy to do this exchange.

Right after the shoot, I’m going to the airport!

I need to change the ticket name from some dude’s name to mine!

That’s it!

Then… Mérida bound!

I can’t believe it and I’m so excited.

New phone, new trip, new month, new year (kinda), new bullshit, still posting everyday, and I still will.

It’s funny. Now that I started, I can’t fucking stop. The first thing I have to do every morning for the rest of my life (or at least I’m going to try as long as I can) is to download my brain into this blog.

No. I don’t remember most of the things I write. I only re-read it once to edit it quickly and I never read this shit again. I’m still not sure why I’m doing it! I don’t get paid. It doesn’t do anything but distract me from real work. It just … it’s fun.

At least I get a tiny bit of satisfaction when people leave me nice comments. This time it was my friend Bryan who said “I don’t remember you being that funny.” YAY! I’m funny.

And he laughed at something I didn’t even think was funny.

That I didn’t mention Trump.


Again I didn’t!

Oh world! You keep on worlding!

“The world worlds!”

– Heidegger


Sick. But it’s a light sick. I’m sure it will go away between today and tomorrow. I will be more than healthy for Mérida. Today. Today. I work. I have no reason to be out of the apartment after the photoshoot and after visiting the airport for the ticket name change. And I have two stories to finish. One I have to finish by tonight (or tomorrow early). The other before I go to Mérida.

Fun fun fun fun fun.

My life is weird.


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