Pictures at 4 AM – Kitchen is Back, January Ends – Deleting Trump Supporters

After publishing my word vomit, I accompanied my friend Willie grocery shopping. He was nice enough to help me do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, fix my stove/oven. And by fixing, I mean simply buying some cinder blocks to lift that mother fucker off the ground and make cooking more comfortable. I also fixed the kitchen sink. Kinda. It’s way better. But not completely fixed.

I haven’t cooked all year. I started cooking again. And I made delicious chicken and zucchini.

I worked a bit after that. Finally. The story I’ve been wanting to work on. I got the beginning down (I think). And then I got a call with some bad news. It stressed me out. I couldn’t concentrate in getting back to work. I fell into reddit again. And Pirates! Gold! to clear my mind at the end of the night.


I keep losing the game at such young age! At least I’m marrying the daughters of governors. It’s such a weird game… ohhh 1994. Life was better back then (well… simpler). Each year life seems to get more complex.

My roommate hasn’t been here all year. He says he will come back sometime this week and then stay here forever. Doubt it. He will probably be here just a couple of days and then gone. I’m way too used to living by myself and my cat now. But let’s see what happens. 2017 is already one crazy fucking year.

It has gone so fast.

Really really fast.

And apparently every single day I’ll wake up to news about Trump.

Today wasn’t even waking up to them. It was going to bed with the news. Which made me wake up at around 3 am. I took some pictures at 4 am and started drinking coffee. Stress sometimes doesn’t let you sleep. Except I can. Because I love sleep. I slept again from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.


20 second exposures. Its a bit overdone.

I rarely see cops stop at a traffic light. This guy at 5ish am with no traffic around sat there for the entire red light. In fact, the car didn’t move for the 20 second exposure.

And this one just for kicks. 20 seconds zoomed in and out once. Fucked with it a lot on the edit to distort the views. I just wanted to see peoples reaction. I don’t really like this picture. I could do way better. It gave me some ideas on what to do next. And if you notice, there is a fair all the way in the back. That one has bright lights and it’s super Mexican creepy. I really want to take pictures there.

That’s what I did from around 3 am to 8:30 am. Take pictures. And listen to the news. Listened to a Noam Chomsky  interview from January 17, 2017 how to survive Trump’s presidency. Chomsky doesn’t paint the future that bad. He sounded pretty calmed and not scared of president Trump. He talked about how much progress we have accomplished with civil rights, especially LGBT. He said that at the end there will be a better outcome after Trump. That are youth is mostly progressive. And that the future will be alright. I don’t know Chomsky… I don’t know…

#MondayNightMassacre they are calling it. Just like Nixon’s scandal. Except people are still supporting Trump. And because all news is fake news and the opposition party, then it’s easy to dismiss.

And I can’t believe a friend on my Facebook is still supporting him. Well ex-friend. I didn’t even notice he was supporting him through the campaign. He was the editor at my agency. Always a really really chill guy. Then I noticed he posted something about how Muslims are barbaric. The comments on his post were pro-ban because fuck all Muslims, right?

Knee-jerk reaction. I deleted him.

I saw that his profile picture wasn’t him anymore. It was a picture of Trump like if he was muscular wearing an American shirt in a loose fashion. It was weird. I had to delete him.

He is not the first pro-Trump I delete. And I semi-regret some of them. I want to see if they already changed their mind. I doubt they have. All of the ones I deleted were people from my past that I rarely or ever communicate with them. The first few were college acquaintances that I haven’t seen in a decade. Then strangers that have added me through the years. But this latest friend was a surprise. I could not imagine him as a Trump supporter, he has a Latino sounding name (and looks like one).

Also. I have deleted people for posting stupid shit or for posting grammatical incorrect shit all the time. Sharing shit from 9gag, also deleted (or unfollowed). And every once in a while, I get mad and just get on a delete rampage. Facebook is a silly thing. And my dad shouldn’t be allowed to use it.

I don’t understand a lot of people anymore. It’s like the internet has created each and all of us with our own reality to live. And when you step out into the world and the realities crash, problems ensue. We all spend way too much on the internet.


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