PIRATES! GOLD! – Work Did Done – Wonderful Lovey Dovey Dreams

I woke up feeling happy.

I dreamt about a girl I dated more than a decade ago. The first girl I fell in love with. I still talk to her. She’s married and has a kid. And obviously lives thousands of miles away from me.

But it was a wonderful dream. And yes in the dream, she was my girlfriend, maybe even wife. Like all dreams, details are blurry. I just know it was a wonderful lovey dovey dream. It’s weird that I’ve been remembering my dreams. I usually do not. But lately I’ve been dreaming up a storm. And I liked this dream. I feel good.

Too bad it wasn’t true. Kinda… right?

I finished that damn article that took me way too long and destroyed my back. I send it to the editor that I didn’t query it…. and I got a response right away.

“Editor is out until Monday.”

So now I have to wait…

I hate waiting.

I started to feel a bit sad. Disappointed. Almost as it already meant rejection. So I went out for a burger and a beer. And while I was out… fuck it! I need money this week. Get to work! So I queried other stories. Stories I can work on fast. And I’m going to work on one right meow as soon as I’m done with coffee and breakfast.


Sid Meier’s Pirates! Gold!

There was a post on Reddit talking about old games. And for some reason… I remember PIRATES!

I used to play that game for hours and hours. I remember the replay value the gameplay had. You can have so many different adventures. Different nationalities. Different boats. Different type of person. It was so much fun.

So I couldn’t help myself. I found two versions on Steam. The most modern, 2004 version, was only for Windows. And it wasn’t the one I remember fondly anyway.

The 1987 version came with the 1994 version. That’s what I bought. Actually… my cousin bought it for me. Because I’m in Mexico, Steam doesn’t allow me to buy games with my American bank account. Which makes no sense. But whatever. My cousin lend me them $5 to buy the game.

It’s not the one I remember fondly. But almost. It’s almost the exact same game, but the one I played had some updates. And it was smoother and more fun.

I’m still playing the fuck out of Pirates! Gold! It’s a really slow and tedious game. But it’s relaxing. And I’m liking it. The only bad thing is that it’s super easy to lose. Or at least that’s how I’ve been treated. I’m trying to play it on easy mode and I still get fucked by pirates. Sigh. Now I want to play again.


Captain McBalls was my second captain after Captain Matingas retired after his crew abandoned him (and I didn’t even know how to save the game).

I’ve had several different captains. Captain Frenchy. Captain Van Peer Ei. Capitan Nalgadas. They are all kinda stuck and I can’t progress ranks.


I was doing great with Captain Van Peer Ei. I plundered a town and took over it. They gave me land. The governor introduced me to his daughter. It is the only captain that leveled up… But when I exit the town I took over… the game freezes :(

So my best captain is stuck in a town.

At least there’s the governor’s daughter.




She rejected me :(

She said that Major Gilford has a better status than me. To climb ranks and make the offer again. Problem is… that was the captain that got stuck in that town. And just now I noticed… that that pixelated young daughter of the governor I proposed marriage to, looks like the first girl I fell in love with… Sigh.

Now I want to play some more Pirates! But I have work to do.

Okay. Maybe one short game.

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