Living Next to Border Wall – God Emperor – Freelance San Francisco Chilanga Meet


Living next to the border wall in the era of God Emperor Mad Man Trump is one helluva trip. Seriously. If you visit /r/the_donald, that’s what they call him. And they truly think he is doing the right thing for America. The comments of support. Of blatant racism and cynicism. Of “we won, deal with whatever you bitches.” If you don’t agree with them, then you can go and fucking die. That’s how they view the world. It’s pretty fucked up.

And they are all excited for the wall.

I live next to the wall.

I cross the wall frequently.

I feel like these people can’t fathom that there are millions of people that are Mexican and American and cross the border frequently. It’s not like Mexico is a different planet. It’s your fucking neighboring country. It’s like these people don’t understand that half of the US was Mexico to begin with and that’s why there’s a strong Mexican majority. Almost every city in California is in Spanish. Almost every city in Texas is the same way. Colorado is Spanish. Some of these fuckers think New Mexico is part of Mexico and not even their own country.

Writing fake news would be so easy. “New Mexico, first Mexican state willing to pay for the wall.” Those fuckers would eat it up!

And I mean. Fuck it. People voted for Trump. And they are celebrating it. But what they don’t realize is that the world doesn’t love the United States. They are still in the bubble thinking they live in the best country in the world and the rest of the world is constantly trying to be them. It’s like the whole country is narcissistic as fuck. It has always been. Most countries want you to be proud of your country, but America takes it into a whole other level. And I’m proud of being an American… but also proud of being Mexican. And a fucking human of the world (ok. not that proud. we are all shit).

People who still believe in Trump. You are just alienating the world. He is strengthening other countries. Most likely Russia. He is taking the US to it’s grave and then fucking fleeing. He has a wife from Yugoslavia/Slovenia. It would be easy to imagine he is building his own empire over there. Putin probably offered him the territories.


When the world is really just a game of Risk.

It reminds me.

I should get my friends together again and play Risk. Who is down for some Risk?

Yesterday was good. Kinda.

Did not finish what I wanted to finish… but almost?! A couple of people read and liked it. So I’m going on the right track. It shouldn’t take me that long to write a story, but I’m going very slow. And I hope it doesn’t get rejected. There’s a chance of it getting rejected. But then I have many other stories to work on. Got to get over my fear of rejection.

After some work… I wanted to nap. Couldn’t. Decided I should go get food and work from a brewery or something. On my way to get Korean tacos I saw Javier Bátiz. He was having a photoshoot out on the street.


Shitty potato quality picture because I only had my iPad and not my camera and it was already plenty dark. It made me wish for my camera. Or for a good iPhone. Good iPhone is next. And fuck… do I need a new lens. I keep thinking about the possibilities on the wide angle, and I keep thinking that I need the fix 50mm+ for portraits.

After Korean tacos, sour IPA by Kaminari/Lúdica. Because that beer is just simply fucking great.

I realized my iPad was updating Google Docs. Great. Cant’ work. Let’s get distracted. Ohhh look. A girl that a friend told me that we should meet just crossed the border. I’ll message her.

She’s distraught with her first encounter with Tijuana. The taxi driver was a dick. But she agrees to get an Uber and meet for beers and what not.

What do you know.

She turns out to be awesome.

Freelance writer as well.

Check out her work HERE!

Her name is Caitlin Dononhue and has a lot of really good interesting stuff out there. She comes from San Francisco but lives in Mexico City (hence the Chilanga San Francisco). She writes for way more webpages than I do. A better freelancer. Though she said “daily blog, hardcore.”

Is it really? I feel like it’s more a waste of time for myself. For you the Reader… hmmm.. shrugs. I only get a comment every once in a while and all of you are nice.

But back to Caitlin. She’s staying for a few days not that far from my brother’s place and or my place. So I’m sure we’ll hang out again. We went to eat La Corriente Cevichería Nais. Well, more like she went to eat. I was already stuffed from Korean tacos. Then Norte Brew because besides having great beer, it is one of the easiest spots where I can explain the city because of the views.

And then. Back home. Because she had a deadline on an article.

I wish I had deadlines.

I try placing them to myself. IM WAY WAY WAY WAY past my own deadlines.

Time to work. Breakfast. Shower. Work.




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