Look Away! Trump Era – Purrfect Grammer – BroDate, Brunch, Beers, And Casino

Day 5 of Trump era.

The world gets wackier each day.

He announced yesterday that today will be a big day for National Security.

That mostly means he is building a wall.

And here I sit couple hundred feet away from the wall that is already built. Its bright lights pierce my balcony windows every night. The brightest lights in Tijuana are the ones that the border wall provides. Thanks America!

But life goes on as it has for the past years.

My friends in Central Mexico keep texting me stupid shit everyday. Seriously. They mostly send stupid memes and/or porn. Call each other gay. Then every once in a while talking about getting together without their wives or stuff like that (Super Bowl party currently).

What a life. That of wife and kids. Or whatever life. That is not my life. What a life.

Imagine being Donald Trump? What a fucking life.

I keep thinking about this blog. And about posting everyday. Talking about what you do daily is silly. And it might be harmful. Then I click on a news article that is on Reddit for a webpage called “Salon” and it’s by the same dude every time (Matthew Rozsa). I go to his profile, dude posts like 10 articles for Salon a day. Mostly all about Trump. All of it well redacted. So well redacted that it reaches the front page of Reddit (or in the comments section). Maybe it’s the same guy pushing his own material…

Shit. I just checked his profile and he already posted 5 articles today. And I’m not even halfway done with a silly post.


Yeah. I finished Lemony Snicket’s the Netflix series yesterday. Bravo Netflix. I enjoyed it. It’s very well written, nicely shot (HAH! It mostly looks like my shitty HDR!), and very well acted. Them children can act. Damn. Just googled the actors. The girl is 13 and the boy is 15 (even though in the show it’s supposed to be the other way around or younger). Crazy life!

Don’t be dissuaded because it’s supposedly a “kid’s show.” Lemony Snicket’s has shit tons of complex language and an obsession with grammar. I think about rewatching just to learn some more damn grammer.

If it wasn’t for them squiggly lines under misspelled words, my grammer would be even shittier.

Yes. There are squiggly lines under grammer right now. And each time I type grammer. Aunt Josephine would go crazy over my shitty grammer in my blog.

HAH! ^

Dividing my thoughts into little compartments.


Willie picked me for brunch at around 1 pm. Finally. I got the Montecristo from Azarosa that I was craving. Willie did the same. Then we split a French press. It was a perfect brodate bronch.


I was writing an article about this place, but that was before I decided no more food writing. I almost took my camera to take a proper picture of the Montecristo, but didn’t because Willie offered his iPhone 6 for a picture. The picture can be better, but Willie refused to e-mail me the files, instead he sent them through Facebook chat, which utterly destroys the quality.

After bro-brunch, we held hands and skipped back home (Not really. Willie gave me a ride home from his car, he was happy with the Montecristo, I was in heaven).

I need my own iPhone. That’s kinda my next target. That and my license. And articles I haven’t finished. Two to be precise. And I’m sorta stuck.

Writing about being stuck might get me unstuck?

I didn’t like what I wrote yesterday. Over 500 words and I’m not even halfway done. Sorry editor. This might go to the other editor. Then it might get cut short… ?

I just read the first paragraph of what I wrote. Phew. It’s not that horrible.

That’s my target of today. Finish it. Either good or bad. The worse thing that can happen is I get rejected and move on. That should be my mentality. But nope. I’m full of self doubt.

Willie came back in the afternoon to go grab some beers at Norte Brew. I had a guest beer, the Kaminari  (forgot the name) but it had Lemondrop hops. It was pretty light, slight touches of lemony (Snicket’s!), easy going down, nice palate coating, between a blonde and a weizen. Then two house IPAs. Willie only drank two house Session IPAs.

I explained to Willie that I like to live by the coin. And many of my poor decisions have been because I tossed a coin and the coin told me I shall do it. And for some reason, the casino conversation came up. We flipped a coin and it landed on heads, which meant YES casino time.

The coin wasn’t wrong this time.

We didn’t win big. But we didn’t lose.

I won 150 pesos, Willie won 50. Which translates to $7 and $2.50, basically nothing. But we played roulette for a good 30 minutes and it gave us that nice gambling rush feel.

The funny thing was that the first roll I gambled on… landed my favorite number (22 1/2)! And of course I put a chip in there (1 and a half to be precise). From there on, I went a bit downhill, almost lost it all, then suddenly recover, and we agree in one last roll. Willie for the most part played colors, which is a 48/52 chance (the 0-00 for the house).

(22 1/2).

That’s my favorite number. Yes! It needs that half. Twenty-two and a half. Veintidós y medio. Yes. I put a chip on 22. Then the other between 22 and 23 to be 22 1/2. So on the first roll I gambled 10 chips and got back 52. That’s pretty good.. right?

Roulette is fun.

^ Those dividers are fun.

I am now going to work on the actual work instead of non-sensical blog. Seriously? Who reads this?!

It has been 537 visitors this month (and 1,187 views) so far. If I just posted pictures of naked women those stats would be astronomical!

Actually… the Tijuana Adventure website gets more views and I never post there! Ahhh, not true. 303 visitors this month with 517 views. But I’ve only posted once this year. I should post more over there. Just copy/pasta what I said here about TJ adventure.



Word vomit end.


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