South African Adventure – I’m Still Drunk – Baby Nila

Oh god…

Oh god…


I’m still drunk.

I just saw that I have an extra $100.

I have no idea what happened yesterday after a certain hour.

What a crazy week I’ve had.

It was my first South African tour. Just two cool guys from South Africa. At first I was having trouble understanding their accents and the weather was beyond shite. But after a while we were just like best friends hanging out.

And oh fuck. I’m still drunk. That was way more tequila than I usually drink. I really have no memory of what happened after 11 pm. My last Uber ride makes no sense… It was from my house to their hotel… ?

Did we come to my place?!

OH FUCK! What happened yesterday!?!?!

Whatever it was. I’m sure it was more than fine. I’m super alive (and still drunk) and apparently with more money than I thought (again… how does this keep happening!?).

And the day started completely different.

I am a tio piratón. That’s what my brother and sister in law call me and my co-brother-in-law. “Tios piratones”. Because we crazy and we have tattoos and basically live an alternative lifestyle. And I’m happy as an uncle. I could never have a baby.

I’m still scared of picking the baby up. But it’s a baby girl. I feel like I can’t help it and I want to be the best uncle for her (sorry Nico, I’m also trying to be the best uncle for you).

Speaking of her.

Here is the best picture of her with no edits.


Well. The best picture so far.

I took 440 pictures in total. I was editing yesterday but the shitstorm hit Tijuana hard and the lights went out. The tour was about to start and I’m always good to my clients so I took a taxi there hotel (not an Uber) and the tour started. I haven’t had a chance to edit. I’m doing that soon. When I’m less drunk…

It started with beers in the hotel. South Africans were really happy to find out that their fancy ass hotel had beers for a dollar (and Heinekens). From there to Norte Brewing Company, because you always have to go there for a tour of Tijuana. Then Cevicheria Nais for food and mezcal…. and the weather turned to shit.

We were still having a blast. Food was great. Beers were great. We were already drinking tequila and pounding beers.

Ubered to Plaza Fiesta for more beers (Insurgente for Juan Corderto to be precise). One of the South Africans wanted to see more people. I explained that the rain wasn’t helping our situation and it was still pretty early (before 6). So there wasn’t any people.


They said they love dive bars. So… to Nelson’s we go. Electricity was still out. Candlelit Nelson. Weird. But fun. One beer there. Two tequila shots. Two fucking tequila shots. I think it was Don Julio. It was smooth as fuck.

Zacazonapan Bar for more divey shit (it was also candlelit). Then… Zona Norte fun.

I have almost no memory of what went on. And good. I usually don’t write what happens in Zona Norte. In a very Vegas fashion, what happens in Zona Norte, fucking stays in Zona Norte (I also don’t even remember).

Fucking Tijuana Adventure.

A true proper fucking Tijuana Adventure.

And they are always jealous and say everyone wishes they had my job.


You have no idea how tough it is to be me.

I need all day to recover now.

And I missed Lightworks.

I’m really FUCKING SORRY my man. I really really am. My cellphone died around 7 pm. I got a text from Erik (Lightworks) asking if he could hang out. I missed the show. I couldn’t host him. I wanted to go. I wanted to take pictures. But fucking Tijuana Adventure.

Tijuana fucking Adventure.

First South African tour. It went crazy.

I’m hoping everything went beyond their standards. They were afraid of Tijuana safety at first. The extra $100 gives me the feeling that everything was beyond great. I wish I had a memory of it. The other possibility of the $100 is my roommate left it to pay rent and bills… but NAHHHHH there’s no way he left a crisp dollar bill on my desk. Fuck. I really really wish I had a memory of what happened (scary… but hey, it happens… right?!)

Word vomit out.


I’m still drunk.

Only one sip of my coffee.

Two sips.

And now I want shrimp.

I’ll recover and edit baby pictures. Tons and tons of baby pictures. My brother/sister-in-law uploaded the picture and holy batman! The most liked and commented picture in history. The photography is not that great either :(

The 50mm/1.8f lens I didn’t have (my roommate thought he left at home, but he had it with him). The weather/light was not ideal at all. The rain made my camera fog up (both lens and viewfinder). So at 1600 ISO and the couple arguing what it would be best in terms of pose, decorations, backdrop. The baby crying. It didn’t make for the best newborn pics. But soon I will go take more.

I thought about offering services of newborn or baby portrait photography because I know there’s tons of money in there (same with wedding pics). But nahhhhh. I wouldn’t be good with newborns. I’m better at doing what I do. Which is be myself. And somehow fucking survive.

Oh god.

What a crazy life.

What a fucking crazy life.

And again… I’m REALLY fucking sorry Erik (Lightworks). I DID NOT WANT TO MISS YOUR SHOW AT ALL. But life. My crazy fucking life. Duty called. And duty beat me the fuck up. That I’m still very much drunk.


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