Ensenada Adventure – New Baby! – And More Lightworks!


Just got back from Ensenada a couple hours ago. I thought I had a tour today. So I bucket showered in a rush and was about to go out when my client said “uhh… I think we didn’t communicate right, the tour is tomorrow.”

Dumbass me. So I have time to rest. Tomorrow I have a tour, and Lightworks is coming again. So I’ll be busy busy busy.

But there really is no time to rest. New baby is on the way. Like right meow. I’ll be an uncle for a second time. Good. Uncle time. I don’t have to do anything.

AND NO. I do not want to hold the baby until he is old enough that it doesn’t break. “Here hold this super fragile baby human,” is not something I like. My brother and sister-in-law told me they are going to make me hold him/her when it’s still just a tiny newborn. I’ll feel weird about it. But sigh. I know they are going to make me.

I also offered to take pictures of the newborn. I’ve never shot newborns. So I have no idea how I feel about it. Also. Obviously no flash… right? Imma gonna look some tutorials when I’m done with this word vomit.

Ensenada was crazy!

Not what I expected at all.

Erik (Lightworks) got here early with his buddies. And I thought the plan was to go to Ensenada and enjoy that city. Nope. I was wrong. Erik had other plans. He wanted Zona Norte and Tijuana day drinking. So day drinking we did. By 5 pm I needed a nap, because at 7:30 (Jeopardy time) we were driving to Ensenada.

We arrived at a El Euro Bar and it seemed closed at around 9:30. It was closed. They didn’t open until 10 pm.

KELVIN saved the day (Ensenada friend). He got there with his girl and another cute girl. We went to another bar for a beer and a drink. When we came back, the party was about to start. The bar is really small, so with just a dozen people there, it felt full. And Erik was pumped.


Erik kept saying it was the best show of the tour so far. He loves Tijuana and Ensenada so much. Lightworks almost played his set twice. And then he wanted to continue the party. Like hardcore party.

This is what Lightworks sounds like.

I’m old.

I couldn’t.

I asked Kelvin if I could crash at his place. At his dad’s place…

And I did. There was no bed. I slept on the floor. It kinda helped my back. My back is still a fucking sore mess.

I woke up before 6 worried about Erik and his friends. Fuckers partied until 8 am.

We met again at Euro Bar under a heavy storm that was hitting Ensenada at 11ish am. Got back to TJ like I said… a couple hours ago.

And now they are off to San Diego. To come back tomorrow.

I had a thing in San Diego today too. But I’m dumb. And I thought my tour was today. Nope. It was tomorrow.

So tomorrow is going to be crazy busy. And I should write the story about how I got a massage in the middle of the street and instead of feeling better… my back is all bruised. Hey. Some people probably love that shit. But not me.

I basically got a massage next to a street stand similar to that one. I’ll wrote about it today. I am certain.

Tomorrow. Busy as fuck.

Soon. More busy as fuck.


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