Lightworks is Here! – My Back is Bruised & Destroyed – Coffee and Whiskey

Lightworks, aka, Erik Trejo, aka one of the few people that can make me dance is here from Austin.


He has a show in Ensenada. Then one in San Diego. Then one in Tijuana.

I would go to all three, but I have a tour tomorrow. And I am going to the one to Ensenada.

Basically… I’m going to treat this like my weekend already. I shouldn’t at all. I has work to do that I have been avoiding. I guess I’ll treat my weekend like a weekday (but + NFL) then do a bunch of work then. My procrastination is to the max. Is not my fault. Friends yell at my balcony, I throw the keys, we hang out.

Chamis wanted to hang out yesterday. But he hit me up right when I was leaving to do an interview. An interview I did (it was short), but the article should be fun. I got a massage on the streets of Tijuana. It was not what I expected. My back is fucking BRUISED & DESTROYED. I think he left me worse than how I was…

But I got pictures, quotes, and a story.

After that, my friend Willie wanted to hang out. So hang out I did. And ate burgers, drank more of that Sour IPA, rejoiced in life. He asked me how I start an article, because he always has trouble if he has to write something. How to start?!

To be honest. I have no idea.

The shit I write here comes pretty naturally. I just let my fingers go and GO THEY GO! But for realsies. I think about it a lot. LIKE A FUCKING LOT. Day and night I think how I should structure an article. Where the story should go. What is the opening line that grasps at people. Details. Feels. Surroundings. Funny stuff.

I’m not sure how to start the next two articles. But I’m almost certain and have pinned out what the layout is. Just a couple more days of thinking about it and TADA! It will materialize in front of my eyes (maybe).

But like I said. Lightworks is here. He comes all the way from Austin. With his two friends David and Victor. I should go hang out with him.


I mean! Look at that happy goofy face! I shall go hang out instead of writing silly shit. Literally I just heard someone yelling out my window a bit earlier before 11 am. And it’s that goofy motherfucker. Immaaaaa gunna take more pictures of him at the show. I’ve been wanting to take more pics. What a perfect excuse.

Tonight shall be fun. Tomorrow shall be good as well. And Friday even better. Though rain is in the forecast. A lot of rain.

They brought whisky.

I was still on coffee.

Whisky coffee it is. Breakfast. Shower. Ensenada. Party. Then back. Tomorrow tour. And Friday more Lightworks.

Somewhere in between that shit I will finish some work. I swear. I have been doing other work (emailing people yay!) And no response… which sucks.

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