Korean Tacos and Craft Beer – I Love Tijuana – I Love My TV

It was like my dream came true.

I dreamt of the Cherry Bomb Sour by Strange Craft Beer Company, and I got something similar. A Sour IPA by Lúdica/Kaminari. It’s not nearly as good, but it was surprisingly well done. I had to message the brewer to ask him about hops and other ingredients. It tasted like a light Citra IPA with guayaba (and I guess Mosaic wrongly). The brewer responded and told me that it did have Citra, and it also had Dorado, Centennial, and Amarillo. Also… no guayaba. It was the dairy that they added that gave it that fruit sour taste. And apparently people haven’t really been liking that beer.

It is probably one of the best beers I’ve had from Lúdica. Up there with their Supermash. But this Sour IPA is great. And Tijuana needs more sours.

It’s fucking early and thinking about it (the IPA) made me thirsty and I kinda want some right now. I guess I’ll go later tonight.

I also had Korean tacos, one beef bulgogi, one chicken with tamarind sauce, and the last marlin. Which reminds me. I don’t think I ever posted the full album. Here’s the full album.


The place was empty. It’s always empty. And it’s fucking good.

It just goes to show that people don’t know what is good and I need to tell them! SERIOUSLY! The Korean tacos are bomb. Lúdica and Teorema is getting better each day and that Sour IPA is in fact fucking good. It laced perfectly. It was light on the nose. And light overall. So I don’t get why people didn’t like it. It wasn’t extremely hoppy nor soury. It was nicely balanced light sour IPA. Super drinkable.

I’m getting mad at not understanding people. There were just other guys in the bar. And eavesdropped as they talked to the beertender. The dude was saying that Radical by Teorema was really good.

Well… at least he was right. From the whole menu that was the other beer I would have chosen. They also have a black sour that is pretty good, but it’s a bit on the pricey side. Radical is a good, yet a bit syrupy, IPA. On the amber, caramely, malty, side of the IPA instead of a dry hop.

I like talking about beer.

And tacos.

But I have other work to do. The one that actually pays. The one I’m avoiding. The two really. And I’m still avoiding.

At least I woke up early as fuck today. At my actual alarm time.

Bisho was at fault.

He slapped the fuck out of me to wake me up. He usually puts his paws on my face. Nope. Not this time. He just went in for the full slap.

Of course I got mad at him and then used him as a pillow for 5 minutes until he said “Mreeeewwww” and I let him go.

Tijuana is amazing. And it rarely gets appreciated like it should. Seriously. What a great Monday. Korean tacos and a Sour IPA for so cheap. Because the peso is so weak. But still, super cheap and amazing quality.

I feel like I need to get out just so I can appreciate it better. I’ve been thinking of hitting up my best friend in LA and staying up there for a weekend. So I can realize how much I hate LA and how much I love Tijuana. I should also go to Central Mexico at some point this year.

I should do some work first. If I finish what I am supposed to finish, I’ll have enough money to either buy something shiny or go on a real vacation (as in fly somewhere). I’ve been doing this when I am slightly successful. Last year I got a Wii U and flew to Minneapolis to come back on a road trip. Those were my two big purchases. This year barely started and I magically made more money than I thought I would in a really short amount of time. I should continue this way.

And yep. I’m inspired to work today. Breakfast, shower, work!

Many years ago. In 2008 to be precise. I was 21. Had my first job that paid insanely well for me being a stupid 21 year old. I dated an Asian girl who was tons of fun. I bought a TV and a PS3 at a Target at the same time. I remember the day/evening precisely. I lied to my brother and said I was going out to eat (I lived with my brother at the time). I came back with a 42′ inch TV and a PS3 with Resident Evil 4. The TV was $850 (around that) and the PS3 was $400 (or around that).

BAM! Just liked that I spent over 1k!

I still have that TV. It works like a charm. I saw the rest of LOTR2 yesterday and it looked great. I am aware TVs got even way better and look even more amazing. But shit. I love my TV. It’s been with me for almost a decade. The PS3…. well.. that doesn’t work as it should. Controllers are completely fucked. And it gets overheated easily. I should fix that. I should fix my iPad as well.

Silly materialistic me.

Wanting stuff.

Capitalism and shit.

Because I want to buy more stuff and things.

Stuff and things.

I also remember my creative writing class in High School with Mr. Webster. He was one of the best teachers I had. He told me never to write stuff or things on a paper.

I trolled him and wrote a paper titled “Mid-Evil Times.” Yep. We were supposed to write about Medieval Times. More than half of that class was really stupid. So I basically did a mockery of a paper. Misspelled tons of shit on purpose. Replaced actual details with just “they did things and stuff.” And somehow I still managed to show that I did the reading.

A+ for me.

And Mr. Webster got a kick out of my paper.

I wish I could read it now. It was probably horrible. But I remember I wrote on the front and half of the back of the paper. Just things and stuff.

I’ve been good at word vomit.

Look at me go.

It’s funny to think that I’ve been doing this since I was child. If I could find my livejournal of when I was 11. That would be truly embarrassing. Just like this word vomit will get embarrassing in a decade (or much less than that).

And it’s so hard for me to stop word vomiting. It’s just so easy and fun to keep on writing forever.

But I should work now!

Who am I kidding?!

I’ll probably go on Reddit for hours and do nothing at the end of the day! (Nah. I am seriously working today… after hours of Reddit).


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