Headache, Backache, and No Sleep… – But Great TJ Adventure – Skipped a Day

I skipped my blog yesterday for the first time all year! Also… didn’t do a single push-up!

And I feel bad about it. How silly of me.

Like I need to inform the internet of what I do everyday.

But maybe someday, I’ll go back and read at all the idiotic shit I wrote. I don’t know when I’ll quit. It’s somewhat fun. Entertaining. I like it.

Saturday I woke up at 4 am with a headache. I couldn’t go back to sleep. Saw the sunrise. But I needed to sleep, I had a Tijuana Adventure ahead of me!

At around 9ish am I finally fell back to sleep, just to wake up an hour later and realize I should get ready to go. And to the border I go to meet-up with a group of strangers to take them around Tijuana. They told me they were going to be early, so I crossed around 11:30 am. There was a group of white folk standing right outside my meeting spot. I waved from afar and said hi. They were not my group. I was so embarrassed…

After a few minutes my group arrived. I wish I remember more of the names, but all I can remember was Nate (the guy that emailed me and hired me), and his girlfriend Julie (it was her birthday). It was 10 of them total. 5 guys 5 gals. We hit it off pretty well from the very start.

I don’t know why I always feel weird when I’m about to meet a group. I am never sure what to expect. They always turn out to be awesome people!

I took my camera so there is a bunch of pictures that I should post on the TijuanaAdventure website and not here.

Here’s a few of the best shots.

Coming into Tijuana.

Norte Brewing Co.

Cheers at Teléfonica Gastro Park!

I had the shrimp quesataco and the octopus cheese taco.

Beers at Plaza Fiesta (Border Psycho)!

And back to the border!

We walked everywhere. Drank a bunch. Ate a bunch. I took way more pictures (100 in total, edited down to 45). I will post them later when and if I get permission to do so.

I’ve been carrying my camera for the past few days. And my strap of my timbuk2 bag is kinda broke. It results in a horrible backache. Lower back. Good news is I’m suppose to interview an expert massage guy soon for a story I’m working on (and it’s going to be hilarious!). But I made good money from the tour. Like many (almost always) I got paid more than what I asked for. I didn’t even count the money. I was having a blast. I hate charging people for just hanging out (and guiding them through this bizarre city). But they are always happy to pay. It makes me reconsider Uber and really push Tijuana Adventure… but nah. Tours are still side-gig fun and extra cash! If I start to push them… I feel like I’ll stop enjoying myself.

The tour ended around 7ish. I went to Nelson’s to catch the last bit of the NFL game. Stopped at an Oxxo for some food, went straight home and to bed right after (before 10 pm).

Fucking Pats won. Shitty. Today more NFL GAMES!

I woke up at 2:30 am this time. Saw the sunrise again while watching LOTR2. Had a sharp headache I couldn’t get rid off and I was almost out of water. I went to bed again at 8ish am. Woke up at noon. My back is still killing me. I need breakfast. I need to shower. And more NFL GAMES!

Hoping the Cowboys don’t win. Green Bay is almost the last team in the playoffs I actually like. Steelers and KC are not bad either. I liked the Steelers because my uncle liked them… but I’m starting to lose interest in them. I actually kinda prefer Chiefs to win because Alex Smith…

Not sure where I’m going to watch the games. First things first… shower and food!


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