Korean Tacos is Last Food Article – Out All Day and Sleep All Day – Help Me! Weird Letter!

THIS is my last food article with the Reader for now…

It’s about KoMe, Korean tacos that are great!

Obviously, that wasn’t my title. I actually dislike using question marks in any titles. The answer is usually a simple YES or NO. So the title of the article is Korean Tacos? The answer is YES. Korean Tacos.

Yep, I hyperlinked it a bunch of times so you can click THE ARTICLE.

I have been thinking of many other food places to review, but not worth it. I’ll stick to writing cover stories and news stories. Which btw… IS ACTUALLY GOING GREAT! I have soooo much material for my next cover story, and I still have to interview one more person. I am so excited. I’m building it in my mind. Still avoiding the work. But building the article in my mind, then I’m sure it will take me like 5- 10 hours to actually write. Probably even less. I mean… I’ve been working on it for almost 2 weeks. But the actual writing, that sometimes is really really fast. Funny how that works. Then people think I don’t do any work at all….

Hey. Wasting time thinking about shit is work… kinda?! Right?!

Just let me justify myself okay?!

Speaking of justifying myself… I did that this week as well. I made money with an article, I made money with the psych test, and I have a Tijuana Adventure tomorrow. All in all, I made as much money for one week as my minimum money for the week goes. It could be much more. I could have done 2 or more food articles for extra cash. But that’s gone. And I have to adapt my brain to know that that bread and butter is gone. And it will be fine. I have so much more going on.

I was out all of yesterday, so I barely even touched the internet. That’s why my word vomit was a bit unorganized, didn’t have a featured image, didn’t use tags, etc. It was also the first time I posted from my iPad. The paragraphs looked all fucky.

I met a friend at Nelson’s, then we came to my place, and I posted my word vomit while she annoyed me changing my music on youtube… That’s also why it took forever. I didn’t even touch my computer.

I was at La Jolla UCSD, like I said, and so many Asians! That commute was fucking long. But it was nice. I get to read a lot. I got to ponder a lot. My word vomit was shitty, but I enjoy being in San Diego. Except at night. I don’t like SD at night. For some reason I feel trapped.


For that weird letter I received on Wednesday. Here it is:


Weird letter, they bother to spell my name with an accent. And yes, my keyboard is dirty.

2017-01-13-15-42-48 2017-01-13-15-42-59


Ahh didn’t notice this one was blurry. Sorry. Shitty iPad pics in a hurry.


See… it’s weird. I can’t tell what it is about. Any ideas? I mean, for the most part I’m going to ignore the shit out of it… but it’s weird…


I had some shrimp.

I’m still drinking coffee.

I have some shrimp leftover.

It’s still cold and shitty out.

Not sure what to do. Tomorrow Tijuana Adventure bright and early!



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