The End of An Era – Two Constants in My Life – San Diego For Two Days


I woke up really early and couldn’t go back to bed. Nope. Not this time. Bisho cuddles weren’t enough to make sleep happen again.

Yesterday was a bad day. Just before going to do laundry I got a couple of emails from an editor. I worked with many editors. I have been an editor myself. I’m aware I’m not a good writer. Whatever weaknesses I have as a writer I try to make up for it with my photography and social media presence. But those two get overlooked. I also try to get better each time. That doesn’t matter either. I may sound like a whiney bitch, but I’m done with that editor. It’s simply not worth it. I even rather go back to retail and deal with annoying customers than work with that editor again.

I had great articles, I’ve had terrible ones. It’s the end of an era, for now… I am done writing about food. I mentioned it before that I was getting tired of it. It takes more effort and it pays the least. One last food article is coming out. Not sure when. It was a good run. I learned a lot. It was fun. I got invited to restaurants. I just counted real quick how many I did this past year. Around 25 food articles. The one I’m proud the most is probably the shrimp enchilado tacos that came out in July.


That camarón enchilado is my religion. Here is the rest of a photoshoot I had with a taco because there are still no girls that want to model for me… (I haven’t tried much really…)

“None of the ingredients are gourmet or fancy. It’s a dirty fish taco truck just like the Tijuana Gods intended, and they happen to serve the best camarón enchilado taco I have ever tasted.” – Quoting myself because /r/iamverysmart. Nah. In reality because I like it when my roommate and writing/drinking sensei sends me quotes that he liked. He liked that one.

Hah. I just realized that album has tons of views. Top comment is hilarious.


I’m going to get them tacos in a while after some coffee and work.

Speaking of work! YEP! No more food writing! But I got something else brewing. Oh and I’m excited. And finally inspired. I messaged a bunch of people to figure out where I’m going and I got a bunch of interesting answers.

I am still unsure where I am going with it, but I AM GOING SOMEWHERE.

GAWD. How many caps is this blog entry going to have?

Just so you know. EVERY TIME I AM TYPING ON CAPS I HOLD THE SHIFT BUTTON WITH MY PINKY! It’s not very comfortable. But how else would you know I’m yelling at you? If I simply hit the caps lock button that would be like grabbing a megaphone. That’s not really yelling.

My alarm is pointless. It’s set every morning at 8:27 a.m. I always ignore it. Either I wake up earlier and deactivate it, or just hit snooze until I feel like waking up. Every morning is different. There is no stability to my life even though I keep saying I want some and keep searching for it. Nope. Everyday I get to decide what to do.

There are only two constants in my daily life:

  • This wordvomit of a blog
  • 100+ push-ups a day.



Because I only do push-ups. And I do them sporadically throughout the day. Usually more than 50 before I shower. Imma gonna do 20 right now. BAM! TWENTY!





I get to cross the border today. I get to cross the border tomorrow. I’m just picking up my mail today. On Thursday I have a psych test to determine if I’m crazy (just kidding, getting paid for filling out a survey, and getting some tests done). I hope to be on the San Diego side of the border more often. Still really wanting to drive UBER/LYFT. I picture myself doing it.

“Hi, where am I driving you?”


And then I get to explain Tijuana Adventure and freelance writing and my awkward life that I word vomit into a blog everyday. Get paid to hangout in my car and drive around strangers. I believe I’m capable of doing that. Anything but retail.

At the same time I should make Tijuana Adventure grow. That’s always in the back of my mind. I have a tour coming soon. I might have other tours coming soon. And I literally put 2% effort of my life into the webpage/tours/whatever. But like I said many times. The tours I do for fun and random extra cash, not as a true business. Maybe it should be a real business. It’s been more than three years I think?! HOLY SHIT!? Has it been three years?!

HOLY SHIT!? I’m 30!!!

Every time I am reminded of my own age my brain doesn’t comprehend it.

“But I’m just a child that wants to play video games!”

NO DUDE. You are fucking 30.

FUCK ME. At least I don’t have a wife and kids. Maybe if I did I had a better raison d’être. I have none. I just am. Everyday. Just am. Surviving. Paying rent. Which sits on my desk right now. And it’s so much in pesos it’s ridiculous.




Ok. No. Work.

It’s so early! I have 3 more hours till I cross the border. Then I get to sit on the trolly and read Joseph Mitchell’s Up in the Old Hotel. It’s pretty rad. It’s so long though (a collection of his work, over 1,000 pages). And work on that article. I think I have the beginning quotes already. I feel it. It’s coming to me. I’ll finish it soon.


2 responses to “The End of An Era – Two Constants in My Life – San Diego For Two Days”

  1. That was a real flow of thoughts. Good luck to your next journey! And yes happy writing! :)

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