I Don’t Like It, Mexico Should Get Violent – My Peace Studies Major – NFL To Ignore

I… uh…. don’t like writing about shitty news.

For the first time in 5 years I am telling people not to come visit. Shit is weird right now. And I don’t like it. I don’t like writing shit that is negative. But it is the truth. Though I don’t like it.

Shit is fucked. People have their own opinions. Some of them are really fucking silly.

“Dumbass protesters don’t even own a car, why are they protesting!”

Duh. Gas prices rises everything.

“They should just deal with it and work harder.”

For how long? How many times does this has to happen?

The protests when EPN got elected many years back were WAY WAY WAY bigger. Nothing changed.

This is my video from when I first move to TJ, July 2012 with Toe on the background:

I am sorry to say. Mexico has listen to Fanon.


Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth.

I read that shit in college, because I majored in peace studies (conflict resolutions). I generally don’t agree with Fanon, but there are circumstances when I have to. Non-violent peaceful protests are not successful all the time. In fact, it’s probably less than half. Many peaceful protests have resulted in nothing. The peaceful protests against EPN years ago resulted in….


Fucking nothing.

So I’m sorry.

I’m really sorry to say.

But violence is required.

Mexico still acts like a colony. Violence is needed to decolonize. I don’t want it. I hate it. But sadly… NOTHING is going to come from the peaceful protests except pinning one against each other.

“Bola de huevones protestantes” is what a lot of people called the protesters. They have nothing better to do but to protest. Is so easy to protest while sitting in your desk. Is so easy to protest when you don’t have a job or a family so you can waste your time protesting.

That is not the fucking point.

And I just know…. nothing… absolutely nothing, will come from the peaceful protests. It’s what the government wants. They are inviting people to peacefully protest. Do it! It won’t change them at all.

Non-violence is already violence btw people.

You must think I’m insane for arguing in favor of violence. But violence has many definitions.

Isn’t it violent that many people won’t be able to reach healthcare because there is no gasoline? Non-violence can be violence. It sounds silly. But it is.

Trust me.

I read that shit.


No. Don’t trust me.

You go read that shit yourself and make your own definition.


And I forgot to mention, I got published!

Click HERE!

Here is a picture just cuz my website needs a picture.


Ok. Done ranting.




The Packers won. Good. I think the Packers are the only team left I remotely like. Seahawks are also cool. I wouldn’t mind for either of them two.

I think the rest are shitty though.


That started as well. I barely even found out.

Gallos Blancos lost their first game :( SHITTY!

Oh yeah.


I’m a NERD that likes sports. Who would have guessed?!


Now I should go play Shovel Knight. Or maybe MarioKart 64.

Money appeared on my desk. The house is quiet. That means the roommate left and he paid rent.

One shitty final thought.

The preface for Wretched of the Earth was written by Jean-Paul Sartre. He became my favorite philosopher because of that. But the two books I tried to read about him do not read like his preface. They are pretty… uhh… dull. Him and Nietzche get my respect in weird ways. I’m pretty sure if I hung out with either of them we would’ve hated each other.

There I go with my /r/iamverysmart bullshit again.


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