MarioKart and a Car – Gasolinazo Protests – Mad Max Mexico


Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual. Then I said fuck it. And overslept again.

But my mind was still active. I kept thinking about writing about what Mexico is going through right now. And so I did. I told my editor, he said ASAP, and 2 hours later I sent him an article.

The news are still going.

And I have to update often.

But at night time… things were just as usual. Except way less traffic. There are WAY less cars on the street because… WELLLLLL… there’s no fucking gasoline in Tijuana. Except the one that comes from San Diego.

I got bored early last night. Went to a live music show. And a few minutes I was just like BLEH time to go home.

And here was my roommate. Doing nothing because he doesn’t drink anymore. So we played MarioKart SNES version on the Virtual Console. I owned him like always. And also owned the computer. Because shit, I’ve played that MarioKart so often since I downloaded.

So fuck it! $10 spent on MarioKart 64. Wario’s Stadium trick is still super easy to do. BAM BAM BAM! Still own at MarioKart 64. Though I was having a lot of trouble and it was only 100cc. Red EEEEEEs weren’t as easy as they used to be. But yep.

Got MarioKart 64 now. It’s pretty great. I should get the new MarioKart. But so far… my Wii U has been used mostly to play retro games…

Saturday now.

Woke up early as well. The protests, gasolinazo, and a lot of other political drama is still going on. So I threw my camera in my messenger bag and went outside without breakfast. I rushed towards the borderline to find the protesters since I read that they were headed that way. Didn’t see them. Too hungry, I got some Johnny’s Burritos .

Then I caught up with them… RUNNING… and I’m so out of shape. But I caught up with them past el Chaparral. After they took over the Tijuana border (going into Mexico) and letting everyone go by. I was a tad late, but I needed breakfast.

I followed them for a while. Some drunk dude (or apparently drunk) came up to me while I was doing video asking me who I worked for and what was I doing. Again… no matter how many times I responded in Spanish, dude just responded to me back in English. CHIDO SEÑOR QUE NO AGARRAS EL PEDO QUE SOY MEXICANO AUNQUE ESTOY BIEN PINCHE GÜERO?! No!?!?! PSS ARRE.

Here are the pictures.

Tijuana has been peaceful compared to the rest of Mexico. I’ve heard conflicting voices about saqueos (lootings) in the city. So far, nothing official.

Shit is going down in Rosarito though. Journalists and photojournalists have been attacked and illegally detained by police. So… fuck that shit. I’m not going that way.

Police were also attacked by protesters. A small truck ran over policemen. Shit is hitting the fan harder than ever.


And now… Well… Now I’m hungry. I took a while taking an editing pics. I’m still reading as much as I can over what is going on. But I’m still just taking life as it is. And what it is… it means that I can play MarioKart.

OH YEAH! I mentioned a car. My neighbor offered his car so I can Uber/Lyft. That sounds like a great start. I’ll use his car and divide profits (70/30 you fucker), then I can get my own lease.

First obviously… LICENSE! But with my MarioKart skills, there is no doubt I’ll ace the test and renew my license. Oh yeah. Also smartphone. My phone is too shitty to run the updated version of Uber and Maps at the same time. So… iPhone 5 or 6… soon?!

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