Uber/Lyft Driving – Writing Hiatus – Friday Already! And Mexico is Going to Shit!

Friday already!


Week went by and I did…. nothing!

At least I’m getting paid for a story I wrote.

The story is about eating these:


It’s a good story. I have no idea when it’s coming out.

Speaking about stories, I’m taking a writing hiatus.

Not here. I love my word vomit. It feels like work when it clearly fucking isn’t.

Nah. Just taking a food article writing hiatus. I’m doing better at feature stories, cover stories, and longer word stuff. So I’m just done talking about food for a while. Or who knows, I might change my mind in a day and start doing it again.

What really is in my mind is Uber/Lyft driving.

It sounds sorta pathetic… Hey! I wanna be an Uber driver… but nah.

It will help me a lot. I would have a car, a license, and a smart phone. I’ll make contacts… More importantly, I’ll make contacts in San Diego. I’ll get great stories. I’ll eat in SD places as well! Then I might get inspired to write about SD food. Point is… I think it can be great.

I woke up with that in my mind.

And other stories as well.

I talked to the psychologist for more than an hour yesterday. I’m getting paid $100 to talk to a psychologist for 3 days and fill up some survey. That’s what I’m doing that. She asked a lot about depression, irritability, and racing thoughts. Yep. That’s pretty much a summary of my life. It’s not bad. I’ve learned to live like that and I don’t mind it. It makes the good moments way better. Because they are rare.


If I had a car… I would be so ready to cross the border around 5 pm and work till midnight. I mean… I used to sit in my car for HOURS AND HOURS on end. With two cameras as my companion. That fucking 70-200mm/2.8f. I miss it so much. I want it though I don’t really have a use for it right now. But what a great fucking lens. And the D3. And my GTI.

So yep. I want to sit in a car for hours. And instead of driving around looking for celebrities (which could be hella fun, but at the same time hella stressful) I’ll be driving people around.


Thinking about it sorta made me smile.

It sounds like the money is going to be shitty, but come on, living in TJ! I’ll be happy with $100+ a day if I can generate that.

Also. Mexico is going to shit. For the first time in 5 years I really wouldn’t recommend people to drive to Baja. If you are coming to Baja, just stay for a day. And stay very safe. Shit is wild right now.

That was the other thing in my mind. And I get to write about it. So… Imma gunna do that. But you know, in a nice official way, not in a word vomit kind of way.


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