Lost at Risk – Procrastination Nation – Oversleeping

The roommate finally came home yesterday.

I used his homecoming (after almost a month) as an excuse to just sit on the couch, not touch my computer and not work.

We had Risk later that night.

Chad barely even paid attention to the board. He was the one with the least experience. He ended up conquering the world.

I’m still trying to figure out how. I think we were to lenient. I mean… I let him keep Asia for almost two full turns. The idea is he could regroup and attack the others. Nope. He attacked me.

I was stuck in Australia the whole time. Started strong with Africa and Australia… Africa was taken from me, then I was suddenly stuck in Australia.

I also made everyone my enemy right away by not letting them have continents. I was probably the worst in the board. The game lasted almost 5 hours. Suddenly Chad owned Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The rest of the players scurried to America where the massive army invaded and killed us all. I knew I was doomed since the moment I had nothing but Australia.

I don’t get how he won. He was attacking relentlessly and spreading his army thin, and for the most part, on his computer. We were too damn lenient.

Fucking Risk.


That was yesterday.

Today I just overslept. It’s raining and I have no plans for the day.

Except in a few hours I got to call a psychologist for a survey thingy that I signed up for $100. It’s a lot of time wasted for just $100, but I’m already halfway in. So fuck it. I’ll complete this test. It is to determined how creativity works. And I wish I knew. Because I could use a fuck ton right now to complete things I haven’t completed that just sit on my desk and I just stared at them and don’t know where to go with them.

Oh gawd… now I’m reading shitty Risk strategy online.

I almost forgot. I got published today.


It’s about a burrito stand that has been in the same spot for 33 years. And I’ve been going there at least once a month for the past 4 years. They are not very good, but simple, and with good salsa. And obviously very cheap. It is what I eat when I don’t feel like eating something with much flavor but just eat something to eat something. So they are good for that.

I’m nervous for no reason.

I have no idea what to do.

I should get my license. That’s for sure.

Get license. Then get a nice Smartphone. Lease a car. Drive for Uber.

And send a bunch of articles so I have money so I can do all that, so I can make more money, so I can get more work, so I can make more money, and get even more work!

Or…. I could nap.


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