We Suffered an Internet Timequake – Day 3 – Risk Wednesday Nights!

It’s day 3 of 2017. We have suffered an internet Timequake. And we went back to the year 2007.

Reddit’s front page posts are as old as the internet themselves. Shitposting is your new ticket to karma paradise.





Reddit for the beginning of this year has been like that. Reddit by the end of the year was dark. Now it’s all shite.

Oh well.

What to do?

Back to Reddit I go!

I’m feeling better and ready to work. The thing I have to re-write I let it sink in, and now I have to really re-write. Should be cake. I mean burritos. Because it’s about burritos. I should go get some burritos right about meow.

Yesterday instead of work, I cleaned the fuck out of my apartment and re-arranged shit. I still need to clean the apartment way more. Neighbor, you have a vacuum, right?

I did do some work. I actually started the cover story. I should really do the other three I started. But cover story is in my mind! It’s gonna be *BURPPP* great Morty!!!!

Oh yeah. I’ve re-watched Rick & Morty probably 5 times already.

Today is more work! Because I’m inspired

I should write that top 10 of 2016 in music. I almost have it. I know my top 1, and at least 6 other bands/musicians I want to mention. Just not the order. It might be a top 5…. or w/e

I should write that summer vacation road trip piece I wanted to write.


My desk is littered with shit I wanted to write. Jacumba pamphlets. Random menus. A thingy from the pop-up store on 4th street. Some random emails. I have the number of some Valeria chick that I have no idea how it ended up in my desk. It just says “Valeria” and her number. Shit tons of random crap, like a Billy Wagner baseball card I found on the streets of Tijuana. I wonder how that baseball card made it all the way over here. I still have a cd that my friend Kevin made me with a mathrock band from Long Beach that I still haven’t heard (sorry Kevin, I suck at playing CDs, it’s like outdated tech, I will listen now, I swear).

And instead of doing that. I went to have burritos.

Watched Club de Cuervos while eating burritos. The series is better than I gave it credit for. Sex is overdone, and a lot of the acting is really bad. But the narrative is pretty good.

Risk tomorrow night!

I’m hosting (I think).

Partly the reason I cleaned/re-organized my apartment. It feels bigger. Now I should make my room feel more like an office than a lazy mancave so I can get too work.

(Kevin, I’m listening to Fox and Bear, pretty crazy stuff)

Re-write stuff time!


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