First Monday! – Fix my iPad, Fix my Writing, Fix my License, Fix my Life – Hayden Panettiere’s Boob! (& Wladmir Klitschnko)

I’m not big on planning. Plans never go the way I want them too.

But I need a plan to fix my life.

I woke up to a few emails I didn’t like. And yep yep yep. I’m going to complain and say I want to give up.

It feels like when you are taking a college class and you are failing. And instead of thinking about getting better at it, you start to think it’s not for you and you rather just switch classes. After doing so good for the past year. It’s suddenly not good. And it doesn’t seem worth my time. It’s like I’m failing a class.

So much effort in what pays me the least. I thought it was a steady workflow. But now it just feels demanding and a nuisance. It stays in the back of my head and doesn’t allow me to do other work. I’ve been thinking about how to write a single food article for 3 weeks now. And I gotten nowhere. I have to fix another one that I sent forever ago. There is so much red ink. So much to re-write. So much to change. And for a petty pay (in this case, no pay).

I thought I could write two or three food articles per day (once a week). Then concern the rest of my week with other stuff that pays. But nope. It takes me weeks to write something simple. Then I have to correct the fuck out of it.

I have to fix my writing.

My efforts are better placed somewhere else.

Like perhaps working for Uber!

Coding is in my mind as well. But that would take my life into a whole different direction.

Uber would just compliment what I’m already doing. I could make contacts, while making money, and finding cool places to take pictures of and to eat, while in San Diego! Sounds like a win win win win.

I might suck at food writing, but at least I’m good at the other stuff! I think?! My cover is doing fairly well. There has been a few comments that made me laugh.



So now a plan.

Renew my license.

Thinking about that is so painful… My license expired five years ago. DMV sounds like the shittiest time in existence. I’m sure once I do it I’ll be fine.

Part 1 of my plan. Renew my license. I got to do that this fucking month. The beginning of the year. By February I should lease a car and start driving for Uber. That sounds like a good plan.

Reading about renewing my license… shit expired forever ago. So I have to basically get a new license. Fuck.

I have to fix my license.

The rest of my plan is to keep doing what I’m doing. Which feels like nothing and eats at my soul (how fucking dramatic).

Today that = fix the thingy I need to fix after I have breakfast and shower. Then… other shit?! Yes! Other shit! I have 3 articles just sitting there and 1 cover article I pitched that I know I can write and be awesome but it just sits there as well. I like to complain.

Oh. I didn’t even mentioned yesterday. There was NFL on TV. I went to visit my mom and dad. There was more NFL on TV. Shovel Knight. That’s about it.

I took this picture with my iPad.

It reminded me that the iPad is not horrible and I did a bunch of pics with it before I had my camera. Still. iPhone 7 would be killer, 6 pretty damn nice, 5 good enough, 4 better than my potato phone. My iPad’s screen is broken as fuck. I should fix that as well.

Fix my iPad, fix my writing, fix my license, fix my life.

Hey. It’s not like I’m a drug addict. Merely and barely an alcoholic. I just need to get better at shit.

You know what I got better at?! BUCKET SHOWERING! Yep. I’m pretty good at that now.

———————– Hayden Panettiere (Boob!) and Wladmir Klitschnko

I plugged in my hard drive to see if I shot either Debbie or Carrie Fisher, but didn’t find a single picture. I found pictures of Isla Fisher instead, but they were really crappy. So instead, I checked what I was doing 5 years ago on this very day. The results were boring: Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas, Dakota Fanning, Erik Odom (who!?), Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Peter Facinelli. So fuck all of that shit and let’s see what else I was doing later that month. January 16, 2011, Hayden Panetierre when she first started dating Wladmir Klitschnko.

I saw Hayden a lot! But I’m lazy today so you only get one set. I mean.. WE LIVED IN THE SAME STREET. Selma Blair lived nearby as well. I lived on Curson and Rosewood (oh shit… my license has this address). Panetierre lived at the top of Curson. I’m not sure if she still lives there. So it would be 3 minute drive to be outside Hayden’s house. And she lived on a dead end, drove a Cayenne, and went to similar places I did. It was easier to spot her. She was also VERY VERY NICE. And … SUPER FUCKING SHORT.

But this night with Wladmir Klitschnko I remember it pretty well. It was 5:40 am. FIVE FUCKING FORTY AM. I believe the flight (from Hawaii) was supposed to arrive at 5ish. So me and my co-worker sat at LAX waiting for Hayden before dawn. Celebrities are REALLY grumpy very early or really late. So I thought it was going to be a crapshoot.

Ended up being the complete opposite. A pleasant awesome shoot and look… Hayden’s boobie wanted to say hi!

Sorry for the clickbait. But it’s true. She was so nice as well.

And later married that dude! And apparently still married! No idea if either of them are relevant nowadays. I haven’t seen shit from either. But then again, I don’t keep up with modern tabloids.

I believe the pictures are unreleased for a good reason. My boss had a huge crush on Hayden and he was jealous, thus he set the price high on the set of pics.

And yes, when I was taking the pictures I was fearful for my life because Wladmir is fucking 6’6 and a UFC fighter. Hayden is 5’0.

Getting them in the same frame was no easy task (I had a D300 and a shitty lens as my second body).

mat_7613 mat_7614

Sorry Vladi… I cut you out. Your wife is smoking hot.

mat_7615 mat_7616 mat_7618

And very nice.


This pic looks like the intro to Saturday Night Live with Panettiere.


mat_7622 mat_7623

Bye-bye celebrity pseudo-neighbor, well same street, but you were way up high in the hills while I lived by The Grove. Shit. I was also 22 when I lived by her, she was 18-19. In these pics I think I was 24 and she was 21…

AHHH Mondays of looking at my silly past. They are fun. You are a fun Monday.

Now work week ahead! First! Bucket shower. Then breakfast birria tacos. After that I should work for 4-5 hours at the very fucking least.



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