New Years RAHHHHH – Pictures On My Roof – Indecision 2017

I’m not big on New Years.

I gave up on it ages ago. It’s just not worth the hype of anything.

Last year’s NYE was pretty damn good. My brother organized a family reunion with amazing food. Before midnight I was back home and on top of my roof to take pictures of fireworks. After that, my neighbor had a party that I promptly joined. It was fun times. It was an unexpectedly good NYEs.

It sounds like this year pretty much be the same. Except there is no party at my neighbor’s. I will be taking pictures on my roof again. That’s pretty much all I care about. I keep thinking of other places I could get pictures of fireworks, but I don’t think anything will be as comfy as my roof.

It also might rain a lot. Which makes for shitty partying. Ubers are going to be WAY more expensive than usual so hauling my ass around on an Uber sounds like a no go.

So. Taking pictures like this is pretty much my plan. I haven’t dialed perfectly how to shoot fireworks, but I do plan to just do that. The rain might add an extra challenge and color to the shoot. I might even try to do some layering so I can get tons of fireworks in one image, but I still haven’t had time to phuck with Photoshop that much.

Whatever you are doing.

Happy New Year!

And hopefully 2017 will be better.

Which I’m still really undecided about.

I’m thinking about learning programming/coding so I can have an extra arsenal in my freelance portfolio… but it sounds like pain. A bit fun. But mostly pain. I could easily get a job on it as soon as I get good at it. I have the contacts for it… but… sigh… learning a new language.

The other thing I have my mind wrapped around is Uber. I should renew my fucking license finally… and then lease a car. Drive Uber 3-4 days out of the week in San Diego. I would make contacts, hear funny stories, and possibly get more gigs by simply driving around. Also, I can make $100+ in 5+ hours. And I would have a car.

A car that I am unsure where I would park. But I would have a car.

The Uber/lease a car sounds like a really good option.

I have stories to work on. But the season still makes it hard to get to work. If I had a car and Uber… I would definitely be working in San Diego tonight. The surge pricing is going to be insane that you can probably make a couple hundred $$$ in a matter of a couple of hours.

The more I think about it… the more it makes sense to Uber drive. I can also catch breaks in San Diego and write more about the food up there.


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