Met The Love of My Life – Great Day – RISK!

It had to happen eventually, right?

Gorgeous girl walks into my favorite bar. Doesn’t look at me, but orders a caguama, and goes straight to the jukebox. Plays my favorite Beatles song (Happiness is a Warm Gun)… and three others.

She sits a couple of stools next to me at the bar.

Next song is my favorite Hendrix song (Manic Depression). Because I’m an idiot. I air drum to the whole song. She looks over. I get all red.

Next song is something I don’t know. But it’s a good 70s tune. Probably Clearance Clearwater. I’m not sure. I never asked her.

And finally. Jazz. Mr. P.C. by Coltrane. Again I air drum like an idiot. She looks my way. I raise my glass and do a shy cheers. OH SHIT!

She starts coming my way. OH SHIT!

She looks great in a simple grey dress. OH SHIT!

She started to talk to me in English, no name yet. AHHHH. My Gringo face. Fuck it. I’ll play the Gringo card. Her English is not great, but it’s not bad at all. We get to chatting. The pretend Gringo didn’t last long. The bartender came over and talked to me in Spanish… which I replied in Spanish and had to tell her the truth.

We introduced each other officially.




Yesterday was “Día de los Inocentes” in Mexico, which is Aprils Fools’ Day. And because I forgot about it and had nothing to say. I thought about doing it the next day. BECAUSE FUCK YOU. I can do Aprils Fools’ whenever the fuck I want.


Bisho scratched the fuck out of my face this morning. I wasn’t ready to wake up. I got up to the bathroom, grabbed a bunch of paper and placed it in the pillow because I was bleeding tons… The shitty selfie doesn’t show it much, but his scratch is really visible.

Bisho was hungry at 8 a.m. But I was tired still. I woke up past noon and I deserved it. Bisho slept with me like always. Completely giving 0 fucks a few hours ago he scratched the fuck out of my face. My Gringo fucking face.

I deserved it because yesterday was great.

I nervously sent my latest article to both editors. One that had pre-approved it, the other that I had no idea I was writing it. I always doubt myself, so I thought I might get rejected by both. But in what was a nice surprise, I got a response almost immediately! And of good news! The story that took me two fucking weeks though I could have done it in just one, got paid nicely. I can cruise for a bit longer now. YET! I need to work in 3 other ones that I started and abandoned. Not today though! Well, maybe today for a little bit.

Last night what really happened is I played Risk! With my neighbor, a dude I know since my beginning of my TJ years but rarely hang out, and two strangers. I’ve had the Risk board for YEARS now and it’s the first time I use it. Even some armies had to be let out of the plastic bags. It lasted almost 4 hours. I got second place. It was pretty epic. I loved it. It obviously had its dull moments, its fucking RISK! But with a bit of whiskey and beers, it was all fun. The guy from the house lost almost immediately, so he had to watch us play for like 3 hours. The last armies had cannons. We lasted until the fucking cannons! One dude obviously had a stronger army, so I waved the white flag. I had the second biggest army and quite a spread in the territory. But he got the 45 army card reinforcement and I didn’t have that ready. It was surrendering time. Also. We played for fucking hours.


Shitty cellphone potato pic because I need a better phone and might be able to afford one soon. This was the final scene. I controlled all of the Americas and Africa, after controlling Europe most of the game (I fucking hate having Europe).

I hope there’s more RISK in the future. Because though it takes forever. It’s my childhood repeated. And as adults, we all know what we all really want to do is just be children again, but we need money for that!

Today, I’m going up to San Diego and grabbing a bunch of mags that I’m missing and my cover. Then there’s a thing I got to take care of that I can’t talk about until tomorrow because it might ruin it.

It was a great day. Today feels good again. Cross the border. Do some things. Come back to TJ maybe… ? I’m playing it by ear today.

One response to “Met The Love of My Life – Great Day – RISK!”

  1. You got me good, bud — I knew about Dia de Innocentes, but I always forget which day it is! I hope your April Fools love story really happens to you someday exactly as you’ve written it! By the way, Risk is highly addictive, hope you have plenty of spare time to throw away…

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