Reading Fucked Up Shit on Xmas because Reddit – Why!? – Best Present = SOCKS!



I’m sitting here waiting for my brother to pick me up to go for the second Xmas. This time with my parents and my mom cooked Carne en su Jugo which I can’t fucking wait because I haven’t had in forever.

Wasting my time wasting my time.

So it’s Reddit time.

And this thread shows up.

So much fucked up shit.

And it’s all very well written.

I want to pretend that it is all fake. I hope it is. But there is a lot of fucked up shit in there.

I guess I have nothing to do but keep on reading this fucked up stories until my brother picks me up.

Speaking of which.

He gave me an awesome Xmas present.

For the second year in a row he gifts me socks and I love them. I kind of have a thing for nice socks now. This is what old age feels like. When you get fucking socks for Christmas and you couldn’t be happier.

He also gave me three shirts that he designs. I WAS WEARING ONE OF THE SHIRTS ALREADY. So I want that picture soon. Because it is hilarious.

Also, new pajama pants that I wore last night and a new dress shirt that is a tad small, but still fits. People forgot that I got fat.

My little nephew liked his Radio Flyer. He yelled ES UN CARDOOOOOO! (carro). Then got on it for just a second, then forgot about it to play with his Captain America toy. Radio Flyer is too big that it doesn’t fit in my brother’s car :(


Ok. Hungry.

I want Xmas again dinner again!

Oh. I have some left overs, but I gotta cook them. It’s prosciutto wrapped salmon. I ate so much of that yesterday. It’s basically two of my favorite things in one dish. And it had a zesty lemon sauce. That’s like 3 things! And garlic mashed potatoes! And today Carne en su Jugo! COME ON BROTHER PICK ME UP ALREADY!

Merry Xmas everyone to whatever you do. And for the love of god and all that is holy. I hope the shit that I just read on reddit thread never happens to you. Don’t even fucking read it. It will scar your eyes. Fucking reddit.

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