Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal – Weather is Weather and Quotes – Wrapping Presents Uncle Level

Rarely. I tweet.

But I tweeted this that I liked:

“Being cynical means you are often right, but are rarely happy about it.”

I liked that quote. It was a comment on Reddit. I should give credit to the person that wrote that, but I forgot his username. That shit, however, is spot on. And many times the reason of my own misery.

I forgot where I was going with that. I guess I just didn’t want that quote to be left empty in my Twitter which is left VASTLY unfollowed. Oh yeah. Follow me if you like. Though I rarely tweet.

I am HORRIBLE at wrapping presents. And this time, I had no idea of how the fuck I was going to wrap this huge ass present. So instead of investing a lot of time into it, because, fuck that. I bought garbage bags and improvised. The idea after all is for my nephew not to know what’s inside… not to make it look all pretty.

This is Christmas present wrapping. UNCLE LEVEL:


Also. My roommate had this quote online as well. It sticked in my mind. It still goes in circles in my mind.

“Well the weather is outside is weather!”

This most be the LEAST Christmasy Christmas I had in a long long time. The older you get, the least it matters. I guess I might get some presents today. To be honest, I only want to see my nephew’s face when he opens his present. I’m hoping he really likes it. I am hoping that his parents don’t hate me. I feel like I outdid myself, but maybe he won’t give a shit. Children are complex. I’m happy I don’t have any, except Bisho. Who I fucking adore. He is not on my lap right now :(


But I will wait for another day. Here are three pics though.

I upload them on IMGUR for two reasons. So I can upload em on reddit. AND BECAUSE INSTAGRAM destroys image quality at 49 kbs or whatever it uploads pictures at.

This is what it looks like in IG:



Yes. My tour was a rainy day at the graveyard. Crazy stuff huh? We had shit tons of fun. I have more pictures that I will share later. But today. Christmas Eve. It doesn’t feel like it, but my brother will pick me up soon. We will have a merry gigantic dinner. Presents and shit. And you know the gist of it. It’s fucking cold out as well.

I miss my other brother.

He is a weird asshole. But I miss him. So fucking extravagant and doesn’t know what shame is. He is a much better photographer than myself. This is his IG. I learned much from him. He is still in Ibiza doing whatever Ibiza folk do. For the most part it seems to enjoy the fuck out of life.

We talked about editing. He also uses the same app (Snapseed). I talked about it before. And I just got blamed on reddit for ShittyHDR. Which I’ll agree. And I don’t care. People love the shitty HDR.

So what happens on my edit?

Almost always first. DROP HIGHLIGHTS. This makes shit get edges and pop out. I used to up the highlights, but now I realized I like dropping them. Brightness, contrast, shadows, and ambiance fuck with it like needed and what you want to convey with the picture. Saturation barely touch, same with warmth, just minor corrections.

Structure/Definition UP!!!! Not a lot. That gives it even a SHITTY HDR look. But at least some. Especially for IG. It just makes shit pop more.

Vignette if needed.

And obviously CROP if needed. This is actually step #1. But many times I don’t find the need to crop. Sometimes I also need to do some leveling as pictures can be pretty crooked. Especially horizon type shit.

I have no idea why the fuck I just went off in a tangent and explained editing on Snapseed to whoever wants to know.


Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal.


I forgot to mentioned. All I’ve been doing all day is watching NFL, then talked to my friend Pedrito, then more NFL, and then Christmas wrapping.

The Chargers lost… TO THE FUCKING BROWNS! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA I just literally LOL while thinking about it again. I’m so happy for the Browns. Playoffs are going to be bleh. It feels like Cowboys or Pats are definitely making it to the Super Bowl. Fuck them both.

Ok. Now Shovel Knight until my brother picks me up. (BTW, I bought Shovel Knight. It’s awesome).


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