2 Great Days in A Row – Three Birds Stoned at Once – Bye Visitors!

I had two great days in a row! And I want to continue that luck so I’ll be heading out to meet my roommate for some beers and fried chicken soon.

On Wednesday I got three birds stoned at once.

That’s a Rickyism, from TPBs. What I really mean is I got three birds with one stone.

I started the day sort of sad, but decided to go have brunch at the amazing Azarosa one more time so I can write a review.

I had the Brioche with eggs and prosciutto di Parma. The Monte Cristo sandwich is WAY better. This was still good. But the Monte Cristo is just a fucking delight.

I didn’t know they had mimosas, so I had the Octopussy Baja Pilsner by Wendlandt/Fauna collaboration. This is a really good light beer.

Then I went to Nellieballs because I was still feeling bloom. The days are bloomy. It was too early for Nellieballs, so I only had one beer and bounced.

On my way back, I spotted a different cricket salesmen. Boy are these guys shy! None of them want to talk to me… but I convinced him just to say a few words. I could see him shaking and nervous and he didn’t know what to say, so I cut the interview short and got some crickets.

I ate half a bag. Then I ate some more with quesadillas with beans and crickets. They turned out way better than I expected. Crickets are good!

And finally… stopped by a store to get an Xmas present for my nephew. Found exactly what I wanted which also double as a present for my brother and his wife! I just can’t fucking wrap it. The store has a cat guardian, this is her.

BAM! Three objectives at once.

The next day (yesterday) I had a tour!

But I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s or soonish blog, because I am starving and need to head out for food and beers.


Well it sure doesn’t feel like it. It just feels like a very long weekend. Today actually feels like Saturday or Sunday… I dunno. My days are always weird.


For a three days I had 100+ people visiting my blog… and… yesterday there were only 9.


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