Oh Hai New Visitors – Stats Are Booming – Year Ends SOON!


My iPad tells me every 2 hours after I post a blog thingy. Then I look at my stats and it’s like “17 people visited your webpage.” Yep. It exaggerates by a lot. That’s not booming stats.

But hey. The past two days without reddit gimmicks or anything, I’ve gotten over 150 visitors + 300 views. Sup with that? Where do they come from? Every once in a while I also get a “favorite” or a comment from someone that I have no idea how they got to my page. I’m not very active in the “wordpress community.” But HAI new visitors! Welcome to my daily word vomit.

The year ends soon. And at least is going to end with a bang. The last cover for the Reader is my article. I got to take part on the design of the cover with the other Reader workers/editors/artists. I think it’s a HILARIOUS story about language and border. I’m excited for it to come out and see what people think. I’m also pretty bleh about it because I already got paid and spent half the money.

Yesterday I was inspired, but my schedule also got really fuckity. I got sleepy by 3 pm, tried napping, but couldn’t. Then went outside to work. I need to finish that article today. It’s about this delicious brunch:

I am still not sure where I am going with it, but at least I started. I also started another article that I didn’t query and again I’m not sure where I am going with it.

I found a cricket salesman yesterday as well. It was the same one that told me he didn’t want to be interviewed.

Today already started slow. I wake up to my alarm to think “I have nothing to wake up too.” And it’s near noon and still have nothing to do, besides perhaps breakfast. Maybe I should walk to Azarosa again and have a bomb ass brunch. It is fucking delicious, but a long walk. Yeah. I shall do that after coffee and fucking around on the interwebs. On my way back I might see some cricket salesmen! Or better yet, I can go to Mercado Hidalgo and go straight to the source. But that’s not as an exciting of a story.

Tomorrow I have a tour with a psychic from the UK. I’m taking her somewhere I’ve never been before because of a special request. Then food, history museum, more museums and stuff. Let’s see how it goes. Like always, it will most likely will be tons of fun.


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