Woke up at 4:22 AM – Inspired Finally – Still an Idiot

It’s incredible how bad I am dealing with rejections. It wasn’t even a rejection, it was a re-write. And I still felt heavy hearted that yesterday all I did was walk around with my camera. I was looking to interview a cricket salesmen, but found none. Instead I took a picture of a sad looking puppy.

I ate Korean tacos yet again. Thought over the re-write while slamming some especiales at you know where.

Talked to Boti guitarist of DFMK for almost an hour. It inspired me to start working on my next cover story. It also inspired me to work more.

In fact, I woke up at 4:22 am because I couldn’t sleep thinking about writing articles. Of course inspiration or whatever it is had to hit me exactly at pay cut. When I realized that I made $0 this week (except for the Tijuana Adventure). Good job Matingas, you did nothing for almost two weeks except bitch about your sadness because you feel happy/sad about getting a cover story.

I’m still jumping back and forth. I should get a job. No I should keep on freelancing. NO I SHOULD GET A JOB! Ahhh but I can wake up whenever I want, start drinking whatever the fuck I want (usually coffee, but sometimes fuck it, morning beers), and eat whenever the fuck I want. I could give that up for a well paid full time job. Crossing the border everyday, but not to retail. To something that uses my “potential.”

I had more inspiration the first hour of this morning than last week as a whole. I started a few articles that I didn’t query, which is always the shittiest of coin tosses. But the articles that I queried are not happening and I don’t want to force them.

Yes. Much work. And it’s only 8:00 am. Email to see if there is more jobs for me or to see if the gig I had during the summer is available again… or a different gig. Much jobs. Yes. Because I don’t want to be like that sad puppy.

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