Fuck Today – I Got Wet + Rivers of Caca – Baby Face

Fuck today. I wanted to do shit today but the weather has me like this little doggie…

Woke up early to finish what was due today. Went out for shrimp tacos when the rain calmed down. Fuck. Los Compadres was closed. So I walked to the birria tacos on fourth… and when I finished… STORM! Rivers of caca! Rain! A city that is not used to seeing any rain. Two years ago I was floating little paper boats outside of work at Sport Zone. Today I just sit in my desk bitter at everything and nothing at all.

I was going to interview a street vendor today. The rain results in me just being locked inside my apartment all day when I had no desire to be here. I am stressing out for things that feel like are beyond my control. And being stuck in here makes me feel worse. And I keep feeling worse.

Fuck student loans. I feel them crippling me. How can I tell them that I have no job to pay for it. And though I am not enrolled in an employment agency, I am trying to get full time employment. The offices for my student loans I believe are in North Dakota. I don’t think they understand that there are no jobs in California. As simple as they might come.

All of that and the end of the year makes me want to forget it all and just go where everyone knows my name and drink till obscurity.


Fuck! I can’t wait for those fuckers to stop driving around the city making shitty noise. That shit should be illegal. There is so much shit in TJ that should be illegal.


I made this my profile picture on Facebook. It was a bad idea. But my personalized Snoo had to do go since my Reddit gold expired today :(

That’s not my facial hair.

I have a baby face right now. I bought a bunch of razors and went beyond the clippers and shaved smoothly. Not like the picture. Even more. I needed a change because I feel like changing appearances brings change in general. Also. I might seriously need a real job and leave my freelance life behind soon. And the clean shaven seems more appropriate when looking for jobs. I feel like I look like I am 23, not sure if this is good or not.

Ohhh and look. I learned how to set featured images for every post I have in this page.

My brain keeps going back and forth between real job, and push freelance and Tijuana Adventure. I don’t know what to do. The student loans burden makes me want to give up on the freelance life sooner than I want. I think I have a real chance of making serious money doing what I like, but nope, the dream is dead. 2017 is around the corner and it doesn’t look that promising. But shite. You never know what is going to happen.

Sometimes I just want to move back to the US and be a normal peon in the matrix.

The storm will pass.

Then there’s hope.

Ok. Now I’m just writing bullshit (when am I not).

Get back to work Matingas.

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