Reversed Age Technology – Cover Story! – Super Moon!

I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to bed until 6 am… but then I didn’t really sleep… Kinda just waited until it was my regular morning time. Now I feel oddish. And I have a call for some psychological survey for creatives that would pay me for a few hours of my time. That sounds like fun and easy gig!

I received awesome news yesterday! The article I was working on for days two weeks ago, is going to be a cover story! I already got paid for it, so now it’s just the WHEEE cover story phase. Something that I’m getting used too and I need more of. I liked the story. It was fun to write. And the half-dozen people that read it also liked it a lot. So I’m happy to announce that the last cover story of this year in the Reader (unless things change) will be mine.

Check this out. Tijuana stories in the Reader by Gringos from the 80s and 90s. I’m reading a few of these stories. It’s crazy to read what Tijuana used to be.

Besides shaving, yesterday I ended up doing some work. I finally started writing again. I killed a story. I had no idea where I was going with it. I might revive it later, but it was just a bit going nowhere. I started a food review instead, and I’ll need to do another soon. I already ate all the Korean tacos available, so naturally I’ll write about it. I also have a brunch place in mind, but there IS SO MUCH food in Tijuana. I also changed my query and now I have a different story to pursue this week. A much easier story. And also a tour tomorrow! AHH so much crap to do! Tour tomorrow shall be fun (like always).

Here is my progression of beards.

I really thought about keeping one of these styles… guess which one!


Beard was growing out of control.


I started to shave and the battery of my razor died.


So I had fun with it between charging it a little bit, shaving, and putting it back to charge.


I thought about keeping a look for the day… I couldn’t do it.


Clean shaven. Kinda feel like buying an actual razor and go full baby face. I already feel like I look 23 again. Fuck it. That’s the secret of my reversed age technology.

Oh yeah. You know Bisho hungout for the whole ‘selfie photoshoot’. I didn’t bother on mounting the backdrop. Which btw. Needs to get way better. The mounts are there, but the white sheet is not big enough. I need to get another one of the same size (or three more) and stitch them together.

There is a SUPER MOON tonight. It’s supposed to be even better than the one a month ago. I will be setting up my tripod and I’ll try to do some night exposures of the super moon over the border. This is my second chance. I think I know exactly what I want and how to get it. So besides having to do some work which I’m amazing at avoiding… I will be playing with my hobby that I should turn profitable soon. Moon pictures are going to pay for shit, but it will give me more Instagram likes… ? That means something … right?!


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